5 Tips To Refresh Your Mindset From Your Own Backyard

Ines Besbes

Lifestyle Writer

Oct 30, 2021

Yogita Ridgley is an author, speaker, solo travel specialist and mindset strategist. She has transformed her life through solo travel, incited by her need to overcome personal trauma. Here she gives us her tips to reset your mindset from your own backyard 

COVID-19 has presented many challenges and changes for people throughout the world, including the restrictions on travel.

Traveling solo allows you to step out of your comfort zone. You cannot see the complete picture unless you step out of the frame. That’s what happened when I went on the first trip. It opened a lot of ideas and helped me move quite a lot of the trauma.

But even within a pandemic, we can still have those experiences and the most important thing to do is to consider where you can find fulfilment in your own ‘backyard’.

I love travel and I miss it, but it’s important not to let being unable to travel upset us. Where we live is beautiful, and there’s lots to see.

5 tips for a refreshed mindset from your own backyard

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If you live near a beach, you can use that as your special place to do yoga

Yogita encourages people to consider how they can achieve a refreshed mindset by exploring their own backyard.

1/ Keep an open mind: To liberate yourself from the challenges and the beliefs you currently have, look at the world with an open mind. In your home town, this might include trying a new experience, perhaps a meditation class, thai chi in the park, or even roller skating!

2/ Acceptance: People within your own community have different cultures and beliefs. Take the time to appreciate the diversity of society by seeing things from other’s perspectives. Attend church or a Buddhist temple, or even enjoy a new cuisine that you’ve never experienced.

3/ Dress differently: Step outside your comfort zone with the clothing you wear! Many of us have clothes we’ve bought on a whim but we’ve never worn possibly due to being self-conscious. If you usually wear blacks, try florals, and if you usually wear florals, try blacks or metallics!

4/ Street smart: Trying new things can make you feel vulnerable, but it’s all part of finding your authentic self. But even while trying new experiences, ensure you keep your safety in mind.  

5/ Self-Love: When you live with an open mind, you automatically feel a strong sense of self love. Listen to your senses, and remain present. Go for a new bushwalk, enjoy a face mask at home, or try a new nail salon – do something that enriches your soul.

Yogita Ridgley
Yogita Ridgley

For more information on Yogita Ridgley and to purchase “Finding Me, Myself and I” visit https://travelingwithmemyselfandi.com/shop/.


By Ines Besbes

Lifestyle Writer

Experienced in digital marketing, and business strategy. Ines previously worked for Google and other tech companies as well as the French Embassy. She speaks 5 languages and is pursuing a Mac of Commerce in Marketing and Strategy at Sydney University with a distinction average.



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