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5 Ab-Burning Exercises That Will Strengthen Your Core

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We all know you can’t spot-reduce fat, but what you definitely can do is spot-strengthen. While purely doing ab exercises won’t magically reveal your abs, they certainly will help in building strength and toning them once your body fat percentage is down to a low enough level.

Here are five killer ab exercises that’ll set your core up for your dream six pack.

Single Leg Stretch:

single leg stretch

Lay on your back and tuck your tailbone under so that your lower vertebrae press into the mat – this posture is called ‘imprint’, and it will protect your lower back, while helping you to correctly activate your deep core muscles! Curl up, and pull one knee into your chest, while extending the other out nice and long. Switch legs, repeating this move while keeping your shoulder blades off the mat! Complete 20 each leg.


bicycles, core exercises

Keeping your spine in imprint, take your hands behind your head and curl up so your shoulders remain off the mat. Take your legs into table top (bent at 90 degrees), and as you curl over to one side, extend the opposite leg. Complete 20 each leg.



Curl up so that your shoulder blades are off the mat, and tuck your chin in towards your chest to protect your neck. Extend one leg towards the ceiling, while the other floats above the floor, aiming to keep both legs completely straight. Grab behind the knee as you switch legs. Complete 20 each leg.

Adductor Ab Curls:

Adductor ab curls

This is a great way to activate your inner thighs, while also focussing on your lower tummy. Place a folded tea towel or pilates ball between your legs – taking them to table top. Imprint your spine, and take your hands behind your head. As you curl up, squeeze the tea towel or ball firmly. Repeat 20 times.

Steering Wheel:

Sterring Wheel

Place your tea towel or Pilates ball between your ankles. Take your hands behind your head to support your neck, and curl up, extending your legs to the ceiling, aiming to keep your legs straight. Using your hip joints, rotate your legs from side to side, like you’re using a steering wheel with your feet. Aim to stay curled up high, and repeat 20 rotations.

Try out these five ab exercises and let us know what you think below!

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