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Welcome to The Carousel.

The Carousel is a Lifestyle Media Brand devoted to inspiring you to live your best life – emotionally, physically, and sustainably. We cover beauty, fashion, health and wellness as well as food, travel and sustainability.

Owned and published by Foyster Media CEO and Founder Robyn Foyster (former editor-in-chief of The Australian Women’s Weekly, New Idea and publisher of Harper’s BAZAAR, Woman’s Day, Cosmopolitan, Grazia and madison), and edited by a team of passionate and experienced writers, editors, TV producers and experts who are leaders in their field.

Our in-depth video interview series with inspirational women gives women a platform to share their incredible achievements, personal stories, advice and inspiring journeys unlike any other women’s lifestyle site in Australia.

Moral Maze is a first of its kind and highly successful video series The Carousel produce, featuring a panel of leading female experts and opinion-makers discussing current issues that affect women today, from the sexualisation of women to the latest trends we’re all obsessing about.

And there’s much more, from how-to beauty and fitness video tutorials to cooking demonstrations, recipes, sustainability news and travel guides.

We are extremely proud that our readers love and trust our brand. We are thrilled to have grown from a small start-up powered by passion and experience to becoming the daily destination for a highly engaged community around the world, providing unique, interesting stories that entertain, empower, inform and educate.

Our content is always informative, instructional and inspirational and our motto is to Live, Learn and Love.

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The Carousel is owned by Foyster Media Pty Ltd.