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What Food Is Best For Your Zodiac Sign During The Mercury Retrograde

Japanese food

At some point in your life, you have heard someone say, “Mercury is in retrograde” and had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. Mercury goes retrograde a couple of times a year and this year one of those times is happening now, from February 17 until March 10. 

When this happens, be ready for things to change. But don’t worry because the foods you love can provide comfort during this time of need specific to your zodiac sign. The dining expert at OpenTable has created a list to reveal the best-suited cuisine to your horoscope!

Aries & Capricorn – Italian

Italian food

You just can’t get enough pasta! Pizza is your go-to meal choice! Your love for Italian food reveals your friends and family are probably at the centre of your life, after all, it’s not an Italian feast if the whole family isn’t dining with you. Some may say you follow structure and ritual very rigidly, however, this is not necessarily a bad thing as  just like the traditional Bolognese recipe passed down through generations, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” 

Can’t stop thinking about carbonara or Margherita pizza? Here are some of OpenTable’s top recommendations for Italian cuisine: 

Pompei’s– In the heart of Bondi, Pompei’s serves handcrafted traditional Italian food, inspired by his grandmother’s recipes transplanting you back to your childhood.

Devine– One of Sydney’s most established wine bars, Devine is the spot to find tapas, Italian-inspired a la carte and wine selection for every meal.

Bartolo– An all-day Italian restaurant and cocktail bar with home-made pasta dishes designed to share.

Cancer and Aquarius – Mexican


When you think of Mexican food, a vast array of colour, fresh flavours and rich culture come to mind. The same could be said about those who eat it. You undoubtedly love to have fun and celebrate all the special occasions in life. Most would describe your presence as effervescent; there’s always something new and exciting about you. You’re a breath of fresh air to many, with just the right amount of spice and attitude when needed.

Craving some nachos and margaritas? Here are some of OpenTable’s top recommendations for Mexican cuisine: 

Bar Patron– Sophisticated Mexican restaurant and bar bringing premium authentic and aromatic traditional ingredients to life in the heart of the city.

El Camino Cantina– Tucked in the cobblestone streets of Sydney, this fun tex-mex bar serves up rock ‘n’ roll entertainment and enormous margarita’s.

Mexicano– Located by the water in the Northern Beaches, Mexicano dishes up locally sourced produce with traditional Mexican flavours.

Sagittarius and Pisces – Japanese

Japanese food

The discipline and hard work that goes into the creation of Japanese cuisine is also reflected in those who indulge in it. Although from the outside you may appear refined, you have the perfect balance of structure and creativity. You are excitable and others can see that you are one of a kind, whilst keeping your core beliefs at heart. You are hardworking but still find time occasionally to indulge in new and fun activities.

Appetite for ramen or sushi? Here are some of OpenTable’s top recommendations for Japanese cuisine: 

Osaka Trading Co– At the Tramsheds, food precinct Osaka Trading Co focuses on modern Japanese and ramen, coupled with traditional Japanese sake list.

Zushi– Located in an alfresco waterfront setting, Zushi creates a mix of innovative Izakaya inspired dishes using carefully sourced local ingredients.

Cho Cho San– Representing a cross-fertilisation of ideas, this popular eatery combines Japanese diverse food and drink culture with the big-city excitement of Tokyo.

Taurus and Leo – Indian


If Indian cuisine makes your mouth water, then chances are you love to live on the edge. Just like spicy food, you seek excitement and adrenaline in life. Your spiritual side is important to you, and because of this, you show your care and appreciation of others. Although you may live a fast-paced life, you still enjoy simple yet sentimental things like spending time with family and friends. 

Need your fix of butter chicken and papadums? Here are some of OpenTable’s top recommendations for Indian cuisine: 

Brick Lane– Brick Lane is a hip Indian eatery bringing the lighter, fresher side of Indian cuisine to Sydney, with an experimental approach to traditional dishes.

Masala Theory– Encapsulating antiquity and modernity, this cosy spot in the city takes you on a sensory expedition of India through its food.

Tandoori Palace– Offering an intimate dining setting for delicious Indian classics, Tandoori Palace also doubles as a karaoke bar for all entertaining needs.

Gemini and Virgo – Chinese

Chinese food

Like Chinese cuisine, your personality can not be defined in a few simple words. Your presence is magnetic to those around you, as you can adapt to different situations in life. You enjoy sharing what you have with others, something of which is reflected in Chinese cuisine which encompasses many dishes. 

Hankering for dumplings or fried rice? Here are some of OpenTable’s top recommendations for Chinese cuisine: 

Uncle Ming’s– Serving dumplings and beer in a dimly lit basement bar with funky Chinese inspired decor, this venue is perfect for a quick and delicious bite to eat.

Lucky Cat Dumpling Bar– Located steps away from Coogee Beach, this dumpling bar serves mouth-watering buns coupled with the smooth sounds of jazz.

Spice Temple– Offering a warm and intimate setting, this restaurant pays homage to the provinces of China and draws on influences from the exotic street food markets to create a mindblowing food experience.

Libra and Scorpio – Thai


Just like fans of Thai cuisine, you are a favourite among many. Affectionately known as comfort food, you too could be described as being a loyal and reliable giving consolation to those around you. Reliability and authenticity in a friendship is a quality you seek, drawing comparisons to Thai cuisine which never fails to disappoint.

Hungry for curry or pad thai? Here are some of OpenTable’s top recommendations for Thai cuisine: 

Chin Chin, Sydney– Award-winning restaurant, Chin Chin is modelled on the dining halls of Asia, featuring shared menus and serving world-renowned modern Asian fusion dishes.

Chubby Cheeks– A modern Thai inspired nosh spot, this dining institution offers delicious contemporary dishes to share within a trendy city setting.

Sugarcane- Exploring the flavours of Thai street cuisine, Sugarcane serves versatile fresh and fun cuisine at affordable prices.

Written by The Carousel

The Carousel is a health and wellness site.

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