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Cocktail: Sweet Tea Key Lime Margarita Recipe

Blood Orange Margaritas

This vodka based margarita is the perfect cocktail. It’s got sweet tea, tangy key lime juice, margarita mix, and simple syrup. Try our margarita recipe and blend with ice to make it frozen, or pour the chilled cocktail in a rimmed glass over ice.

Margarita means “daisy” in Spanish, and the tequila definitely gives this drink a Mexican flair. However, it is rarely consumed by the Mexicans themselves and the true origin of the mysterious Margarita is unknown.

There are so many variations on this classic cocktail, from banana to frozen strawberry. Check out The Carousel’s Margarita Recipe.

This refreshing cocktail is the perfect balancing act of sweet and sour. Find out how to make your very own by watching the video above.

Written by TheCarousel

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