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Rainbow Vegetable Chips Recipe From Sky Zone

Shaved Rainbow Vegetable Chips Recipe From Sky Zone's Sugar Free Menu

The research is clear – artificial sweeteners are linked to childhood weight gain.

It also leads to overeating, which has a detrimental effect on important gut bacteria. So, what can parents do to limit sugar intakes during the biggest sugar binges of all – children’s parties.

Many of us have been to children’s parties where colourful plates of red frogs, fairy bread and chocolate crackles are just about everywhere. It’s no secret that children have more interest in lollies and ice cream than their vegetables, but no parent is a fan of the afternoon sugar rush followed by a sudden crash.

Emma Sutherland, Founder, Naturopath and Nutritionist at Studio You says, “The World Health organisation recommends only 5% of the total daily calories in our diets should come from sugar. For an average 8-year-old with a 1500 calorie per day diet, that’s 75 calories, or 18.75 grams of sugar – approximately the equivalent of two Freddo Frogs. As a society, we need to turn the trend around and be providing healthier options at birthday parties – this needs to become the norm, not the exception.”

Sky Zone, the world’s first indoor trampoline park proudly launched its sugar free menu in July 2018, offering parents and children a healthier catering option. The new Sugar Free menu includes delicious dishes such as gluten free stone baked pizza with rich passata sauce, baby bocconcini, charred capsicum and pink sea salt, with shaved rainbow vegetable chips and local seasonal fruit kebabs with raw honey drizzle.

Lana Humble, General Manager of Sky Zone AU says, “Implementing this menu allows children to enjoy the amazing health benefits of jumping and climbing at Sky Zone, with healthier food and drinks options.” When choosing the new sugar free menu, parents and children can still enjoy the best anti-gravity stress-free celebration, with a dedicated party room, a complimentary gift for the birthday child and an engaging Sky Zone party host. Considering how much exercise you can get from Sky Zone’s trampolines, it’s a no-brainer for Sky Zone to also provide healthier food options.

Make your own sugar free treats at home.

Shaved Rainbow Vegetable Chips

For a family of four you will need:

Shaved Rainbow Vegetable Chips Recipe From Sky Zone
Shaved Rainbow Vegetable Chips Recipe From Sky Zone’s Sugar Free Menu


4 x carrots

4 x potatos

50g of kale

1 x large sweet potato

100g of fresh beetroot

Equipment needed:

Mandoline vegetable slicer



Paper towel


  1. Wash all ingredients to remove any dirt and debris
  2. Peel carrot, sweet potato and beetroot
  3. On a mandolin slicer, slice the carrot, sweet potato, potato and beetroot.
  4. Soak the ingredients in water for 1-2 hours to remove any starch from the potatoes – this will ensure they crisp up without burning. Soaking the beetroot will remove some of its colour so it doesn’t leach into your oil.
  5. Pick kale leaves a discard the stems.
  6. Heat olive oil in a pot to 180 C.
  7. Drain vegetables and pat dry on paper towels to remove moisture.
  8. Fry vegetables separately and place on paper towel to remove excess oil.

Cooking times in oil:

Potato, sweet potato and beetroot: 1 minute, 20 seconds

Carrot: 2 minutes

Kale: 30 secs

*Take caution with the kale, as it spits oil due to its internal water content

For more information about Sky Zone sugar free parties, please visit:

Written by TheCarousel

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