Melissa Doyle Talks To Be Fit Food CEO Kate Save About Safe Rapid Weight-Loss

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May 03, 2020


Kate Save wants to empower all Australians to live an optimal healthy life, and she’s making advancements in leaps and bounds through her company, Be Fit Food.

Be Fit Food provides healthy, whole-food and home-delivered meals which are packed with nutrition and uses evidence-based research.

An award-winning entrepreneur, accredited Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist, Kate is a walking advert for glowing good health and she also has a lot to be proud of as the CEO and co-founder of Be Fit Food.

Here, she talks to our Game Changers host Melissa Doyle about how she is using science and technology to disrupt Australia’s health industry by providing consumers with safe, rapid weight-loss solutions. 

Kate’s company grew quickly after she appeared on the Channel 10 program Shark Tank, which is how she won over entrepreneur and Boost Juice Founder Janine Allis, who is now a mentor, investor and huge supporter.

Shark Tank was the quickest avenue I saw to getting to Janine Allis,” Kate told Melissa Doyle during her recent Game Changer interview.

“Janine’s amazing. She has taught me so much. The three key things she taught me was to trust your gut instinct, back yourself and the third one is probably more around hiring an amazing team of people.

Janine Allis, Kate Save
Kate Save, Boost Juice founder and Shark Tank’s Janine Allis and cofounder of Be Fit Food Dr Geoffery Draper

“We started with a team of five and then we had this huge growth period, where literally within a four-week period, we went from five to 63 people.”

In fact, in just four years, Kate and her co-founder Dr. Geoffery Draper and the team of dieticians at Peninsula Physical Health and Nutrition have gone from providing “1000 to 1500 meals a week to 30,000 meals a week” across Australia.

Be Fit Food, which won the 2018 Victorian Telstra Business Of The Year, is now a multi-million dollar company with annual growth of an astounding 553%.

And much of the reason behind its success is the incredible results the program has achieved with people trying to kick-start their weight loss journey, reduce blood sugar levels and insulin resistance, reduce fatty liver and achieve optimal health through a balanced diet.

“Our clients are averaging 2-10kg weight loss in 2 weeks on our top-selling ‘Be Rapid’ program,” explains Kate, who regularly lectures on weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, and other health issues. “It’s even good for the microbiome and will likely assist with long term weight loss success given that it influences healthy eating behaviours with portion control and loads of plant foods.”

So what makes Be Fit Food unique?

“Well every meal contains highly nutritious, fresh and wholesome ingredients, has no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, is high in protein and low in carbohydrates,” says Kate. “Our meals are portion controlled and form the building blocks for any weight loss program from rapid weight loss with 800-900 calories for 2-4kg weight loss/week or our 2 x Be Lean programs with 1000-1500 calories per day for 0.5-2kg weight loss per week. All regular meals and soups contain over 20g protein per serve.”

Not surprisingly, Kate says she is ‘very proud to bring this new competitor to the weight loss market that is actually real food rather than supplements that have been used for many years as the only option for rapid weight loss up until now.’

How does it work?

Be Fit Food provides clients with guidelines for what they eat and how much exercise they need to achieve their goals. Since many people don’t have the time or motivation to prep their meals, every meal is chosen by you, delivered to you and is made from high-quality Australian ingredients that are nutrient-dense, and packed with fresh and wholesome ingredients. Based on the Mediteranean diet, the meals contain no added sugar, are high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

In our Game Changer interview, Kate explained to Melissa Doyle that a lot of the struggle with losing weight comes from our pleasure centres being stimulated by high sugar and high salt content in our food. What Be Fit Food does with their meals is try to “take it away (sugar and salt) or dull it down so that people seek pleasure out of friendships, family, hobbies, sunshine, whatever it is that they like…”

One of the major benefits of Be Fit Food is the ability to get tasty weight loss meals delivered right to your door which will help you not only lead a healthier life but also provide you the energy you require throughout the day and better quality sleep, too.

Visit befitfood.com.au


Check out the latest in the meal delivery programmes – the two week Metabolism Reset. Find out more here: https://befitfood.com.au/collections/be-rapid


By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team


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