The Amazing Life Of Kenny The Coconut – From Tree To Me

The Amazing Life Of Kenny The Coconut - From Tree To Me
Anna Johnston

Sep 22, 2016

Anna Johnston is the founder of the popular food and travel website ShenANNAgans. Here is her award winning entry for the Blogger Award for Best Green Grocer Story at the 2016 Fresh Awards held by the Sydney Markets.

Do you ever get caught up in an imaginary story in your head? Well no surprises to you guys I guess, ‘cos I do!

There I was, slowly walking the aisles of Wiffins at the Fyshwick markets, a market place I have visited almost every weekend since I arrived in Canberra nearly 20 years ago, gathering ingredients I needed for a special feast I was preparing for my health conscious foodie friends that featured raw, vegan dishes and delicious crispy caramel cups to finish.


Almost absent minded, I bagged some button and Swiss brown mushrooms, picked a bunch of hydro lettuce, found the kale and cavolo nero, sampled a couple of Thompson seedless grapes from the awesome “Market Criers” – love those guys, before continuing on my journey of sniffing the rockmelons, mangoes, pineapples and figs for ripeness.

Gently cradling the figs to avoid breaking their tender skin, I stood in front of a pile of coconuts shaking a couple and listening to the water swish around inside, which got me to thinking about the journey my food makes before it meets me.

Silly perhaps, but as I waited my turn at the register to pay for my bounty, I entertained myself on the adventures this coconut had taken to get to my market place. Before I’d even reached the cash register to pay, I’d indulged in my inner world of story making and named my colourful coconut character “Kenny”, so I thought I’d let him tell you his story.


Woah, talk about scoring the dream job Kenny man, you’ve been chosen by a Chef! I’d heard stories about other coconuts ending up in factories, torn apart by machines, shredded, coated in preservatives and sold off barely resembling the coconut they once were… terrible end, but its not my fate that’s for sure! Me? I’ve led a blessed life.

As a wee coconut, I spent my days hanging about with the fam in heaven on earth, North Queensland, every day was a perfect 28-degrees with rolling turquoise clear seas to gaze at, nestled in the lush greenery of dense plantation overflowing with fruits and vegetables, sheer abundance I tell you. It was pure magic.


By the time I hit my 1st birthday and was a mature lad with a thick meaty flesh, I was plucked from my tree, assigned a distribution number and allocated a comfortable crate and together we boarded a giant road train bound for one of the world’s largest fresh fruit and vegetable markets, the Sydney Markets. Hawt Dang!


Fair dinkum, arriving in Sydney was incredible, this little beach kid got welcomed to the big smoke with a bang, before I knew it my mates in the crate and I were up for auction with grocers from across NSW and ACT bidding on us, we brought a fine price too, let me tell you! The best ride of my life was at the Sydney Markets, man, you’ve gotta just hang on for your life when one of those crafty fork lift drivers picks up your crate and tears off at break neck speeds weaving their way past trucks and vendors and people coming and going in all directions, but before we knew it, we were parked into a chilly container truck with produce this fella had never even heard of, let alone seen.


Getting to know my fellow produce companions on the truck to Canberra was ace let me tell you! I found out we were bound for Wiffins Premium Green Grocers at the Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets. In just a few short hours and a bit more shuffling I found myself sitting on the shelf with a couple of my buddies from home, but all around me it was like being at a carnival, a parade of colours from the fruit and vegetables, flowers and people.


I heard the Chef was keen to make a great many things from me; chicken curry, crispy caramel cups, raw vanilla coconut fig slice, vegan strawberry bliss ballscranberry and coconut granola and coconut vanilla matcha smoothie to name a few, it sure sounds pretty rad. I can’t tell you how proud I felt to be here after my whirlwind trip from my beachy beginnings, sometimes a lad can be lucky alright.


Wiffins has always been my ‘go to green grocer’ not just for home, but a key supplier in many of the commercial kitchens I worked at back in my cheffing days too. In my opinion Wiffins is the best of the bunch, their fruit and vegetables are mostly from Australian farms, the produce is top quality and lasts a long time, the staff are more than happy to answer any questions about what’s in season or where they sourced their product from, and they stock a great range of groceries too, like Long Paddock eggs and Maggie Beer pasta sauces, but really it’s the atmosphere of the markets that draw me back each week. Oh, and I heard the original owner Mr Wiffen grew oranges in Griffith NSW – just so happens that was where I was born.


I’d love to know, do you bond and create stories about your fruit and vegetables like I have with Kenny the coconut? And please do tell me about your favourite green grocer?

The Carousel would like to thank Anna Johnston from ShenANNAgans.com for allowing us to publish her award-winning story ‘Kenny The Coconut. 


By Anna Johnston

shenANNAgans is Anna Johnston, a 30 - something Aussie gal with an unwavering passion for the Hospitality industry. She loves the quirky and unusual, designing events, travelling far and wide and eating food from all around the world. A coffee blooded, craft beer enthusiast, wine drinking yogi who enjoys writing about her adventures.


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