Attention Chocolate Lovers! Here’s A Fun Way To Indulge In Chocolate

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If you love chocolate, then here is a fun way of indulging your passion? The Carousel recently got to preview the new KitKat Boutique which officially opened in Sydney this week. Despite never being a huge fan of KitKat even after living in the UK for 30 years, this event definitely converted me. Who could have guessed how many wonderful and exotic ways there are to enhance a KitKat!

This opulent and innovative chocolate wonderland is based on the ground floor of Mid City, Sydney and will build on the success of the Melbourne. The store will open at 7am so you can pop in and buy your morning coffee, a finger or two of chocolate or even a freshly made KitKat cookie.

My private two-hour preview event included:

A tour of its sensory delights by the charming head chocolatier, Connie Yuen 


Sampling chocolate delicacies from the ‘KitKat Chocolate Train’ (just like a sushi train!)

Experiencing ‘Create Your Break’ where I created my own eight finger KitKat. I chose dark chcoolate and added three flavours – dried hibiscus flowers, dried calendula flowers and salted caramel crisp pearls. I was also able to choose my packaging design and wording on the box. I can’t wait to receive it in the post.

Tasting some of the 12 new creations from the ‘Mix Your Break’ range


Indulging in the most exquisite KitKat desserts from the ‘KitKat Tasting Table’

Did you know that KitKats are made from one of four types of KitKat chocolate – milk, white, dark and their new one, ruby, which has a secret ingredient that makes it a pink colour? I always favour dark chocolate but I was open to trying some of the flavours of the milk, white and ruby KitKats and I was pleasantly surprised. In particular I loved these flavours – Yuzu, Guava, Sake and Matcha. I even loved the Lamington flavour KitKat which, as you may have guessed, is Australia’s best loved flavour!

I was given a goodie bag brimming with KitKats and the apron I wore to create my own KitKat.  I’ve shared the chocolate with neighbours and friends; they had no idea Kitkats came in so many flavours.


If you are Sydney based you must visit this gorgeous chocolate boutique. I became a KitKat convert and I’m sure you will too if you aren’t already!

Written by Angela Bunt

Angela Bunt is a lifestyle writer for The Carousel. She is also a Sydney-based interior decorator. Angela is a colour specialist and provides colour and styling workshops and full interior decorating and home styling services. Her website is

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