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Exclusive: Rebecca Judd On Family, Fitness And Diet

Rebecca Judd Lipton
Rebecca Judd enjoying a Lipton tea

What does your daily morning routine consist of and what do you do to relax?

Mornings in my home are chaotic. Getting the kids up and ready for the day as well as juggling my work commitments means there is little to no time for anything else. When I feel overwhelmed or that things are getting to be too crazy I like to sit down, have a cup of Delicately Fresh Green Tea and just take a moment. I’m a green tea lover and this tea is light and refreshing and helps me take on the rest of the day.

What does your night time ritual consist of?

When I get home from work the first thing I do is remove my eye make-up and wash my face (sometimes twice). Then I like to finish the day the way I start it, with my family and with a cup of green tea (and a chockie!). Lipton has launched a range of green tea flavours that are really refreshing including Vibrant Vanilla Green Tea, Brilliant Mint Green Tea (my fave), Joyful Jasmine Green Tea and Lively Pure Green Tea. I love them all.

Rebecca Judd tea
Rebecca Judd loves a cup of tea to unwind

What are your top tips for maintaining a balanced lifestyle?

I know this is so clichè but everything in moderation whether it’s sugar, alcohol, work, socialising, shopping etc.. A little bit of everything makes for a well -rounded and very balanced life!

What does your diet consist of?

Every morning I have a bowl of muesli and strong latte for breakfast, which keeps me going until morning tea, which is usually a Lipton Green tea, fruit (pears are a fave and are very high in fibre) and cheese and crackers. I snack regularly throughout the day on fruit free muesli bars and popcorn too. Lunch is either brown rice sushi and dinner will be either a yummy pasta dish or lean meat with brown rice and LOTS of veggies. Dessert is a must –I eat it every night (usually chocolate, ice-cream or a piece of homemade banana cake) with a Lipton Green Tea.

What does your exercise regime consist of?

Pilates twice a week is great! Plus I do HIIT on the spin bike. It only takes 4 minutes and gets the heart rate up. I probably do that twice a week too. Before I found out I was having twins I was still jogging and doing stair climbs but now I won’t be doing that again until well after they have arrived.

Rebecca Judd tea
Rebecca Judd at her home in Brighton, Melbourne

What is your trick for the best cuppa?

Next to water, tea is the most popular drink in the world. I think everyone would have their way of making a cup of tea, but what I find amazing about Lipton Delicately Fresh Green Tea is that it only needs two minutes to brew to give you the perfect cup. The result after just two minutes of brewing will leave you feeling recharged and ready to take on the world.

Do you do / add anything different to your tea?  

Nope – I love it as is.

Do you think tea affects your skin and beauty?

There is definitely something to be said for the benefits of a relaxed and refreshed life on a healthy complexion. Drinking tea certainly helps to get me into this state of mind.

If you could have a cup of Lipton Delicately Fresh Tea with anyone in the world, who would it be, any why?

Beyoncé would be pretty darn cool! What a babe and such a hard worker while being a great Mumma too.

The Lipton Green Tea range is available at leading retailers including Coles, IGA and Woolworths, with an RRP of $4.79 for a pack of 40 teabags.

Written by Chrisanthi Kaliviotis

With her lyrical turn of phrase and penchant for uber-glamour, Chrisanthi Kaliviotis is in her element writing about beauty for The Carousel, while weaving in fun fashion and pop culture references. She also loves a road test, so we send many of the new hair tools that arrive her way (she actually knows how to use them). Have you seen that hair?

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