Coffee Fanatics Rejoice – 5 Ways To Enjoy This Favourite Brew!

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Coffee is a beloved brew pretty much Australia-wide. With so much of it available, many of us have become more discerning. Brands like Industry Beans offer a host of venues across the Eastern seaboard and with the recent opening of the jewel in its crown – the modern, light-filled Industry Beans Chadstone – domination of the Australian coffee scene is only increasing. 

There are many reasons to visit any one of the Industry Beans’ locations in Newstead or Adelaide St. Brisbane, York St. Sydney, Fitzroy, Chadstone or Lt. Collins Melbourne, but the most important thing will always be the coffee. 

With the rapidly changing hospitality market, regular coffee is becoming mainstream. While anything coffee-centred will hit the spot, one type of coffee is no longer enough. Industry Beans is changing the game, and these are our top 5 coffee-themed picks from the local joint that you must try. 

Coffee Fanatics
Coffee Fanatics – Industry Beans Specialty Coffee

Bubble Coffee 

With all the hype around bubble tea, Industry Beans didn’t want to discriminate against non-tea drinkers. So Bubble Coffee it is! We’re talking cold brew, soy milk and of course – tapioca pearls. You can try the likes of Pandan, Salted Caramel or stick with the Original (vegan too) which is equally delicious. Available at all Industry Beans stores, there’s sure to be a bubble coffee near you. 

Coffee Rubbed Wagyu Burger 

You can enjoy a delicious meal at Industry Beans’ flagship locations – Chadstone and Fitzroy in Melbourne, Newstead in Queensland, and York St. in Sydney. If you’re feeling a bit fancy, make sure to indulge in the Coffee Rubbed Wagyu Burger. If you didn’t know already, coffee and meat go hand in hand. The succulent wagyu patty is delicately rubbed in coffee, with a beautiful addition of chilli jam, cheddar, pickled zucchini; tied together by a soft milk bun. You can grace it with bacon, polenta chips or regular hand cut chips to top it off. 

Cold Brew Cans

While you’re sitting here thinking everyone already does cold brew – Industry Beans takes a twist. Not only have they figured out how to house your favourite drink in a convenient (and very cute) can, they also have both still and sparkling options to give your cold brew that little extra fizz. Enjoy a can during your visit, or pick up a pack to take away with you. Hint: for those who love coffee alcoholic drinks, these can serve well as accompaniment or ingredient to favourite coffee cocktails! 

Coffee Garden 

To finish off your visit, a dessert is in order. Available in select venues, this one is beautifully presented, constructed as its title suggests, an enchanted garden. A chocolate creme trio, peanut chocolate soil, green matcha moss, berry gelato, chocolate twigs and coffee caviar; this one will leave you salivating. 

Fresh Roasted Coffee 

Just when you thought your trip to Industry Beans couldn’t get any better, you bring your coffee experience home by picking up a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans. With on-site roasteries at their Chadstone, Fitzroy and Newstead stores, you may even get to see the magic happen with your own eyes. 

With all this and more available at Industry Beans’ host of venues, there’s no reason not to stop in any time. 

Written by Robyn Foyster

With over 30 years experience as a journalist and TV producer, Robyn Foyster is the owner and publisher of the lifestyle websites, and

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