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Barbecue Octopus Salad Recipe From Sydney’s Old City Restaurant

Barbecue Octopus Salad Recipe From Sydney's Old City Restaurant
Located in the heart of Sydney’s Newtown, Old City Kitchen & Bar is a place for friends, family and flavour.
An ancient region called Levantine influences Old City’s interiors, menu and ambience. Also known as the Levant, this covers the Mediterranean part of the Middle East, such as Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine.
Old City works with passion to create family recipes once lost, now rediscovered. Old City is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week with a range of menu options for all tastes and appetites. Grab a cocktail from the marble bar and enjoy on the terrace, relax with a romantic dinner with someone special, gather the whole crew for lunch or book a function in the luxe private dining room.
The recipe below is part of their New Menu: Middle Eastern meets Mediterranean.


300grams 5/15 Octopus

8 cherry tomatoes (cut in halves)

12 picked basil leaves

1 Spanish Onion (Sliced)

8 Kalamata Olives

50ml Sweet Chilli Sauce

50ml Balsamic Reduction

50ml Olive Oil

Zest of 1 lemon

200grams baby roquette

Barbecue Octopus Salad, from the new menu Middle Eastern meets Mediterranean
Barbecue Octopus Salad, from the new menu Middle Eastern meets Mediterranean


– In small baking dish place octopus on baking paper, lightly cover in Olive Oil, season with paprika and lemon zest and cover with Baking paper so to keep moisture in, letting the Octopus to braise in its natural juices.

– Place in pre heated oven for 45 mins to 1hr on 100 degrees.

– When Octopus is cooked, leave in liquid for no less than 30 mins, this will tenderise the octopus even more.

– Drain Octupus in a strainer. Then finish off by cooking on a grill or bbq till lightly crisp and remove.

– In a pan on 160 degrees add a tablespoon of olive oil and sauté cherry tomatoes, olives and Spanish onions.

– Add octopus and basil leaves, then add Sweet Chili Sauce and Balsamic reduction till it starts to emulsify,

– Finish by adding roquette, then toss and serve.

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