Why I’m Now Obsessed With Coconut Oil

coconut oil
Sacha Kaluri


Jun 29, 2020

My husband was born in India and absolutely loves curry, therefore I could not help but pick up the book Coconut Oil, by Jessica Oldfield.

I was inspired and subsequently learnt to cook authentic Indian dishes from my amazing Mother In-Law, who has lived with me intermittently throughout my married life.

She has taught me to incorporate coconut products into most of my cooking. This book intrigued me, as I wanted to take my coconut cooking skills to a whole new level.

Who knew you could make yoghurt and aioli out of coconut? Not me!

As I’m Italian, olive oil is a staple ingredient that I could not imagine cooking without. In fact, I would say that I use olive oil in the majority of my dishes.

This book introduced me to using coconut oil, as a substitute for olive oil, in ways I never thought possible. I made a mushroom risotto last night and my kids loved it!

Sonya, my best friend and business partner from The Sonya and Sacha Show, makes the best potato bake known to man-kind!

It is her ‘go to’ recipe when she is invited to an event and needs to bring ‘a plate’. Her bake is filled with cream and cheese. This book’s recipe gave her a run for her money when it came to her top dish!

This recipe substituted the cream for coconut cream. Not sure if it’s the diet version! But, trust me it is a new, even yummier version! Ssshhh! Don’t tell Sonya!

Not only am I now frying bacon with coconut oil, but I’m basting my roast chicken in it too. I’m even making my own coconut chips. Not with potatoes but literally with chucks of coconut! Delish!

This book is really easy to follow and has loads of great, inventive recipes along with mouth-watering pictures. There are so many ideas to inspire you to create, right through from breakfast to dessert.

Coconut Oil’, by Jessica Oldfield

Following my recent trip to Paris, I’ll admit that I gained a few kilos compliments of the daily creme brûlée I incorporated into my diet!

This book actually has a coconut version. Given my love for entertaining and great food, I can’t wait to share this new dessert with my friends and family at my next dinner party. I have no doubt it will be a smash hit.

Look out friends! It’s the new me with coconut oil.

Only a few more months until my Mother In-Law is back in town from India, I can’t wait to show her my new coconut findings. I think I will definitely score some daughter-in-law points.

Happy cooking!


By Sacha Kaluri


Sacha Kaluri, now a mother of two young boys, is a leading youth expert and speaker. She started running a successful business at the age of 18 years old. In 2000 she began travelling Australia speaking to young people about how to have career dreams, bullying, stress management and body image, visiting more than 170 schools, councils and juvenile detention centres each year. Sacha brings education and comedy to her presentations. 2011 Sacha became co founder and the co-director of the Australian Teenage Expo and has also been on the board of ChildWise since 2011. In 2014 Sacha Kaluri and her business partner Sonya Karras were chosen as Australia’s very first official ambassadors for the world wide United Nations - Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. Sacha will be regularly sharing her stories of youth and teenagers on The Carousel.



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