Travel Bucket List For Foodies

Travel Bucket List For Foodies
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Jun 26, 2022

Enjoying cultural food in the country you’re travelling in is such an authentic must-do experience that leaves us with some of the finest memories from our holidays. So, if you’re a big foodie make sure to add these countries to your travel bucket list! Here’s why…


America is riddled with top-celebrated restaurants including Alinea, The French Laundry and the Blue Hill at Stone Barns; however it’s New York City that is shining its light on the world stage with Per Se, Le Bernardin and Eleven Madison Park all ranked within the top 30 restaurants of the world. Renowned for its multi-course tasting menu focusing on the extraordinary agricultural bounty of New York and centuries-old culinary traditions, Trafalgar recommends travellers visit Eleven Madison Park when travelling on its eight-day Great East Coast Cities guided holiday.



Chile is a foodie paradise and no trip to Santiago would be complete without a visit to Boragó. Describing itself as a dialogue between nature and cuisine, Boragó’s emphasis on natural Chilean techniques permeates everything from the varied and seasonal menu to the simple yet welcoming décor. Boragó’s diverse larder includes foraged herbs, edible flowers and wild berries, sourced from the wilds of Patagonia to the heights of the Andes. Spend the day with local Chef María José Neut who studied culinary art in Chile’s capital city and explore the iconic areas such as Bellavista, El Bosque or Borderío neighbourhoods.



Food and France are intrinsically linked. Whether visitors lean towards savoury cheeses, soufflé or cassoulet or sweet tarte tartin, crème brûlée or éclairs, there are options to delight all tastebuds and remind visitors why the country’s cuisine is so renowned. It’s no surprise that Paris is home to several restaurants that are considered among the world’s best such as Pierre Ganaire’s establishment and Restaurant Guy Savoy. Experience the culture, sip the wine and taste the fresh produce that inspires the chefs of France. Guests Sample cheese local to the regions, sample wine with experts and dine in typical French bistros.



Germany has much more to offer culinary connoisseurs than bratwurst and pretzels. Don’t expect generous heaps of cheese staptzle on your plate when dining at the likes of Amador in Mannheim and Aqua in Cologne, you’re more likely to be met with modern European cuisine with a German twist. On Uniworld’s Rhine Discovery river cruise you’ll chat to German winemakers, visit lively breweries and patisseries as well as have food and wine pairing meals onboard to experience the full spectrum of culinary offerings.



Move over Melbourne and Sydney, Hobart is Australia’s new foodie star shifting the country’s culinary focus from city chic to fresh island delights. The latest jewel in the Apple Isle’s crown is Franklin, a bistro with a firm focus on the fresh produce Tasmanian has become famous for. While the wood-burning oven and Scandinavian furniture would not be out of place in an European eatery, the food at Franklin is the best of modern Australian cuisine. Produce from land and sea mingle on the menu which changes daily depending what is the best in season.




Gaggan is an Indian restaurant like no other. The infamous and award-winning chef Gaggan Anand delivers a modern take on classic Indian dishes, creating a delicious fusion between eastern and western cuisine. Food at Gaggan is playful and contemporary, utilising techniques such as liquid nitrogen and the smoking gun to create standout dishes such as the lamb chops with smoked whisky and spherified yoghurt with mango chutney. The subtle and charming colonial style dining room allows the aromatic flavours of the food to be the main attraction of the Gaggan experience.

Travel Bucket List For Foodies Thailand
Travel Bucket List For Foodies: Thailand



Located under a glass dome, White Rabbit is a beautifully modern and daring gastronomic adventure that food-focused visitors to Moscow must experience. At White Rabbit, Russian cuisine is fine-tuned and infused with modern culinary trends, turning classical Russian dishes such as borsch soup and veal tongue, into delicacies. At White Rabbit, each dish is a gastronomical expedition that still maintains tradition, such as the traditional veal tongue cooked and presented in the shape of the famous Russian ‘Lakomka’ ice-cream, cooked into cherry dough with morel sauce.

Travel Bucket List For Foodies: Moscow

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