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Apr 03, 2021

A “cake” you can smash open to reveal lollies and small gifts as they spill out of is no longer the domain of children’s birthday parties as adults are now enjoying them to announce baby genders, ask friends to be bridesmaids and creating new family traditions.

Claudia Abrahams founded Sydney SmashCakes creating birthday, Easter Egg, Gender announcement and corporate SmashCakes. She explains to The Carousel how she started her Smashcakes business and shares the basic smashcake dome recipe.

“I discovered SmashCakes in an old Women’s Weekly cook book and I have adapted and evolved the concept,” says Claudia Abrahams Founder of Sydney SmashCakes. “I began creating them for my children’s birthday parties which led to requests from other parents to do the same for them, resulting in the creation of my own business three years ago.”

Surprisingly adults are now using SmashCakes to create memorable experiences and it’s no longer considered something only children will enjoy. Our pink love heart SmashCakes are hugely popular as they are smashed open to reveal a note asking the person to be their bridesmaid or flower girl creating a shared experience that those involved will remember for a lifetime.

DIY SmashCake kits are putting the fun back into cooking for some children who have lost interest in being in the kitchen with parents finding it gives them a way to bond with their younger ones, especially during school holidays which is just around the corner. Even the slime craze swept into SmashCakes with corporates ordering edible slime to spill out of the cakes. People are using food to cherish life moments and there is no limit to their creativity.”

Here is a recipe for the basic smashcake dome and then people can decorate it how they want.

Ingredients for Smash Cakes:

  • 350g Milk 
  • M&Ms 
  • Mixed Lollies/Chocolates of your choice for the ‘filling’ and additional decorations


  • Place approx 350 of chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and slowly microwave the chocolate until runny for approximately 2 minutes stirring after every 30 seconds.
  • Pour the chocolate into the mould / bowl allowing enough to coat entirely. Then gently swirl the chocolate around the mould / bowl to cover entirely making sure the chocolate goes to the edge of the mould / bowl. 
  • Place bowl in the fridge until chocolate has set (approx. 5 minutes) and then turn the mould / bowl upside down and leave in the fridge to set. The chocolate needs to be hard before removing it from the fridge. If using a mould, this can take up to an hour. 
  • Once set, turn the bowl upside down and very gently slide the chocolate shell out the bowl
  • Once the chocolate dome is out the bowl, fill with lollies and treats of your choice. 
  • Place a board on top and gently turn it the right way around. Use a serviette so that you don’t get finger prints on the dome. Then you can start to decorate which is the fun part! 
  • Using your m&m’s (or your favourite Chocolates or lollies of choice), decorate the dome using melted chocolate as the ‘glue’ to decorate. 

Here are some inspirations pictures of different ways you can decorate smashcakes…

70th birthday cake
Boob smashcake which was to thank the nurses who helped a woman during her battle with breast cancer

The Carousel would like to thank Claudia Abrahams for her story.


SydneySmashCakes sells DIY kits to make it easy for everyone and they also make them for birthdays, gender reveals, invites to be a bridesmaid, kicking cancer to the curb and more. 


By The Carousel The Carousel has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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