Top 10 Tips For The Perfect Pizza

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Nov 28, 2023

Here are our top 10 Tips For The Perfect Pizza!

1 Style – Choose one! For us it’s Napoletana all the way baby!
2 The Dough – This is where it all starts and ends. Don’t rush this process!
3 Music – An essential in any kitchen usually something from the Motown era.
4 Ingredients – Source the best! Artisan and local. Bribing your provedore or butcher with free pizza for the good stuff.
5 Be inspired– If you’re not excited about the pizza your baking it shouldn’t be on the menu
6 Sure you have heard this before but it’s true less is more!
7 A HOT, HOT, HOT oven – 500 degrees Celsius should just about do it.
9 Eat a pizza – Seriously it’s the only way to know exactly how good your pizzas are baking.
10 Love – If it ain’t made with love. It ain’t worth making.


The best pizza is made by sourcing the best ingredients. Working and developing long-lasting relationships directly with providores, butchers and suppliers to ensure you have the freshest and highest quality ingredients available at all times. Know exactly what’s in season and base your menu around that. Locally sourced is a non-negotiable with the exception of imported San Marzano tomatoes, known to be the sweetest in the world, and 00 Caputo flour. We import these as their quality is unparalleled. I get inspired by the color, the smell, the texture and quality of the products lain before me prior to cooking. The promise of delicious things to come; of the magic to take place…

The Dough
Authentic Neapolitan pizza all starts with slow-rising dough made up of flour, water, small amounts of yeast and sea salt. The dough is then left to rest with plenty of time to proof. The finished product is a result of the love and attention you give throughout this process.

The Oven
The heart and soul of our truck beats through a wood burning brick oven hand built in Naples, specifically designed to create authentic Neapolitan pizza. Once the pizza hits the ovens raging inferno of around 500 degrees Celsius, the dough begins to rise and puff. It’s this heat blast that creates a light and airy base that easy to digest and delicious to devour. Not even the crust get’s left behind at Happy As Larry!


These tips were provided by Happy As Larry, a pop-up pizzeria serving traditional Napoli style wood fired pizza. Find out more about Happy as Larry and keep up to date with its where abouts here or follow them on Instagram


By The Carousel The Carousel has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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