Catherine Saxelby’s Nutrition For Life: 4 Super Foods With A Nutrition Buzz

Sadie Archibald

Lifestyle Writer

May 24, 2020

Trend Alert! For all those foodies who want to step up the ladder with the latest healthy eating, we’ve got you covered. Here are some magical superfoods taken from Catherine Sexelby’s Nutrition For Life that you should add to your daily diet.

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In traditional Indian medicine, the orange Turmeric spice was used in curries to aid digestion. Now in western medicine it is being studied for its ability to stop the growth of cancer and inhibit lower body inflammation. It usually comes in the form of a fine grounded yellow powder. Studies even show Turmeric potentially improves brain function, blood sugar balance and kidney function. Whether used in cooking, or mixed into your morning coffee, this golden superfood can spice up your life!

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Matcha is essentially a powder from green tea leaves and is a trending ingredient in cakes, ice creams and teas. Matcha is cultivated differently from normal green tea leaves for a more intense flavour. You are drinking more of the whole green tea leaf in Matcha, as opposed to the lighter liquid of green tea. Therefore you are getting higher doses of polyphenols which studies have shown can boost metabolism and detox the body.

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Hemp has only recently been approved for consumption in Australia, although it has been consumed for centuries in various cultures. Unlike the hemp that is typically smoked, hemp food products are derived from low THC hemp seeds, so no need to worry about getting a little light headed from eating these healthy snacks. These seeds can be eaten whole or in salads, burgers and breads. They contain important vitamins such as Vitamin E and B groups and essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium and iron that the body needs.

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For the past couple of years, the health benefits of kale have been spread far and wide. It is not only a jackpot of health benefits but it also grows within winter when other vegetables do not. Kale’s health claim benefits include lowering risk of cancer, aiding in weight loss, preserving eye health, detoxing the body, fortifying the bones and improving the appearance of hair skin and nails. It is rich in fibre, folate, Vitamin C and K and potassium and can be mixed into salads and smoothies.

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Chia has been growing for centuries in its natural habitat of central and South America and comes in the form of small seeds that can be black, grey or white. It was very valued by the ancient Mayans, Aztecs and Native Americans because of its energy and sustenance. Now it has taken off in the western world. Because of its neutral flavour, the seeds can basically be added to anything, in particular smoothies and muesli. They are a great source of protein, calcium, carbohydrate and fibre. As well as containing an array of minerals which are great for the body. Some of its health claims include reducing blood sugar levels, aiding in weight loss, and reducing chronic inflammation.

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By Sadie Archibald

Lifestyle Writer

Sadie Archibald is a lifestyle writer for The Carousel. Sadie recently finished a course in graphic design and is now writing for both The Carousel and Women Love Tech.



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