Check Out The Cheeky New It Bag Called We Eat Avocado Toast!

Check Out The Cheeky New It Bag Called We Eat Avocado Toast!


What could be more symbolic of the millennial generation of go-getting, game-changing, travel loving fashionistas than Avocado Toast? This not so humble food has become the favourite of style-making, brunch lovers the world over, making it a perfectly memorable brand name for a fresh generation of handbags. We Eat Avocado Toast!

We Eat Avocado Toast (WEAT) is the delightfully playful handbag and accessories brand dreamt-up by two besties from Germany. Nina and Lara have been best friends since high school, the avocado to each other’s toast. While their studies took them in different directions, Nina studied fashion and Lara studied business, the soul sisters reunited in Hong Kong where they now both reside.

Drawing on their years of experience in work, play and travel, Nina and Lara saw a huge gap in the accessories market for cute and stylish, yet high-quality handbags. While there were the luxury brands with their matching price tags at one end and high street offerings with their lower quality at the other, there wasn’t anything in the middle for the independent young women of the world.

The partners in crime imagined a bag that was stylish yet practical, comfortable to wear, worn close to the body for security and freedom, just big enough for all the essentials (lipstick, credit card, phone) and that adjusted to their globe-trotting ways with ease. The handbag concept was due for a millennial inspired makeover!

The Cheeky New It Bag Called We Eat Avocado Toast!

After one and half years of tireless research, development and meeting with suppliers to perfect the concept and design, WEAT was born in August 2017. The very first style is TOAST – a petite, multifunctional bag that makes effortless transitions between clutch, cross-body bag, belt bag and clip-on mini for a stylish take on ‘bag-on-bag’. This is the new functionality with a carefree, fashion-forward edge.

The secret to TOAST’s utilitarian ways lies in the unique triangle clip. This ingenious addition makes the TOAST supremely comfortable to wear, meaning you can dance to your heart’s content, shop hands-free and sprint through the airport terminal in style, all without feeling any movement or uncomfortable pulling that comes with a standard crossbody bag.

WEAT’s first collection includes seven must-have TOAST styles; Blue Velvet Toast, Berry Velvet Toast, Baby Blue Toast, Pink Toast, Black Fringes Toast as well as two delightfully quirky embroidered styles, Parrot Toast and Banana Leaf Toast. There is also a selfie-worthy blue, faux fur clip-on strap, adorable charms and We Eat Avocado Toast tees.

Nina and Lara are already working on new additions to the WEAT collection with fresh TOAST styles as well as all-new game-changing handbag designs. Given the instant traction WEAT has gained with Insta-fashion darlings from across the globe, the monthly drops of WEAT deliciousness can’t come soon enough!