The $2 Device That Promises A ‘Nose Job’ In Just 30 Seconds!

Nose lifters are cheap and dangerous

‘Nose Lifters’ are the latest beauty hack promising a life-changing transformation with a surgery-free procedure.

The plastic device, which is inserted into the nose, can be bought online for as little as $2!

Nose lifters promise amazing results

It promises to fix a host of issues, including flat noses, wide and bulbous noses, hook noses, droopy noses, crooked noses, flaring nostrils, upturned noses, dorsal humps, and side humps.

The makers also guarantee that the reshaping product will be effective in just 30 seconds.

Sound too good to be true?

A dubious YouTuber and beauty blogger Raiza Contawi thought so and put one variation to the test.

The video below has received more than 73,000 views as fans see the blogger’s nose change before their very eyes.

In the video Raiza demonstrates that the reshaper comes in small medium and large in order to fit as many nose types as possible.

The YouTube star can be seen inserting the Nose Lifter into her nostril and using a plastic hook to push it into place.

Raiza’s nose shape changes instantly with the appearance of the nose higher and more pointed.

However, she remarks straight away that there is a rather problematic downside to the product saying, “I am having difficulty breathing”.

She later adds: “I don’t know if I could stand wearing this for hours” before awarding the product a six out of ten.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon John Layke says such devices should be avoided.

“In my experience, most Board-Certified plastic surgeons will not use this form of nasal augmentation,” he says.

“We have seen far too many complications that result from the placement of permanent implants into a moveable structure, resulting in infection and implant extrusion.

“I recommend seeking out a Board-Certified plastic surgeon who will accurately examine your nose, create a simulation that can show you what your nose COULD look like after surgery or filler, and formulate a plan tailored to your wishes.”

Written by James Graham

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