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Stay Inside And Stay Beautiful With Bella Box Beauty Bundles

Go Bold And Fun With The New Beauty Range Everyone's Talking About

You have probably heard of Netflix or magazine subscriptions but have you heard of beauty box subscriptions? Whilst many of us are lounging at home in comfort clothes or wearing no makeup, we might not be feeling our usual spicy self. So why not have a bit of fun and experiment with beauty looks while you are at home. You can have your own array of gorgeous products delivered straight to your door.

Approaching ten years in business, bellabox Australia has been introducing the latest and greatest in makeup and skincare to Australian women for almost a decade.

beauty box

So how does it work?

You fill in a personalised beauty profile and then every month you will receive a box with five plus hair, skincare and beauty products. You can then leave a verdict with your haves and have nots. They will keep you in mind with the products they feature.

Here some stats for why makeup can make you feel good in the comfort of your own home!

  • 46% of women can’t decide if their partner or the perfect lipstick make them happier! (11% definitively said their lipstick makes them happier)
  • Almost 70% of women admit they either always or almost always wear makeup every day, no matter what
  • 72% of women say that wearing makeup makes them feel like their best self, makes them feel better, and makes them feel more confident
  • Even if we’re struggling to pay rent, more than 44% of us can find the money to buy new makeup 
bella box, beauty bundle
Bella Box bundles

It’s clear why you need your beauty dose and why not Bella Box which boasts a subscriber base of over 20,000, making it the country’s largest sampling service. So go on and get sampling.

bella box, beauty bundle
Bella Box offerings

Written by Sadie Archibald

Sadie Archibald is a lifestyle writer for The Carousel.

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