Priceline’s Beauty Director Sarah Laidlaw Talks Autumn Beauty Trends

Priceline's New Beauty Director Sarah Laidlaw Talks Autumn Beauty Trends
Interview: Sarah Laidlaw Q’S
  1. Tell us about the makeup trends for Autumn /Winter beauty?

We’ll be seeing a lot of graphic colour going down the runway this year at VAMFF with bold slashes, stamped-on cream eye shadow, graphic tones and more subtle mixes of teal and blue eye liner like this one from L’OREAL PARIS:

L’OREAL PARIS Infallible Eye Paint 16 g – $13.96 

There will also be beautiful glossy skin, a more natural and clean look with minimal makeup used. This trend really showcases the models’ natural beauty by using a liquid foundation polished into the skin for a glowing, almost wet finish, with added gloss on the defining features of the face. This look is finished with a tiny lick of top mascara and a brushed up, natural brow. A great product to use for this look is the AUSTRALIS Shimmer Pots in Taupe:

AUSTRALIS Shimmer Pots 2 g – $12.95

Finally, there’s the ‘triple pink’ trend – one of my favourites. We’re seeing pinks everywhere- on cheeks, eyes and lips. One of my favourite products is the L’OREAL PARIS True Match Blush in Sandalwood Pink:

L’OREAL PARIS True Match Blush 5 g – $25.95

What’s the easiest makeup trick to go from runway to realway?

The whole point of going from runway to realway is to tone down the look and take elements of it that you love. So, with the graphic colour, on the runway it’s a big slice of colour across the eyelid, but for realway, you could use a more subtle version of that colour in an eyeliner or a sheer wash of colour in a powder eye shadow. For example, you could use this L’OREAL PARIS Infallible Eye Paint.

Priceline's New Beauty Director Sarah Laidlaw Talks Autumn / Winter Beauty Trends and gives us her top tips to look fab this season.
Priceline Beauty Director Sarah Laidlaw
  1. What inspires you about working in makeup?

The transformative nature of makeup is so much fun. I love how you can bring out someone’s individual beauty and help them feel confident and gorgeous in their own skin!

  1. Did you pick up many tips from your mum or grandma and what are they?

No… I didn’t! I mean my mum did wear makeup, but not a lot of it and I don’t remember my grandmother wearing it at all!

I did pick up one great tip from my great grandmother- she told me to never ever pluck my eyebrows! And I’m so glad I listened to her!

  1. If you could pick three makeup tools, what would they be?
  • Eyelash curler
  • Mascara
  • Concealer

  1. What are some things to do if you need to give yourself a flash (quick) makeover?

If you’ve got five minutes to get ready, I would say throw on a bright lipstick, conceal any uneven skin colouring and curl your lashes- good to go!

  1. Finally, what should you avoid doing if you don’t want to be mutton dressed as lamb?

I think this really depends on your skin tone. If you’re very fair, I would recommend not too much bright colour in the cheeks. But this question is a tricky one, because some mature women look fabulous with a full face of makeup and some look fabulous with very minimal. I guess it’s about not being too ‘trend driven’, but just taking elements of those trends and making them work for you.

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