Merging Vision Correction With Beauty

Merging Vision Correction With Beauty

These days beauty often compromises health, however ACUVUE’s new innovation combines the two; providing lenses that correct vision, provide UV protection and enrich the appearance of the eye.

We’ll do our best to spare you the boring scientific spiel, here goes…

The limbal ring is the dark circle that separates the iris from the white of the eye – “nature’s eyeliner”.

A study by Darren Peshek at the University of California at Irvine showed that men and women were perceived as more attractive with dark limbal rings than those without.

ACUVUE have taken this research on board to correct our vision and make us look and feel fab!

As we age our limbal ring becomes less defined and the contrast between our iris and white part of our eye fades. ACUVUE Define lenses add definition to the limbal ring and have light iris-inspired designs adding depth and illumination.

We had the opportunity to give these a go and the lenses just rejuvenated our faces completely, the difference was truly amazing!

Dr Emma Gillies, optometrist and Professional Affairs Manager at Johnson & Johnson VisionCare ANZ said, “These lenses enhance the eye on a very personal level. People notice something radiant about you rather than noticing your contact lens.”

The Define range has prescription and non-correction lenses in different styles to work for all eye colours. They are available exclusively in OPSM stores nationwide, and coming soon at Priceline.

Written by Hannah Lising-White

Hannah Lising-White is The Carousel's fashion and lifestyle contributor.

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