Beauty Expert’s Guide: Keeping Your Skin Hydrated In Harsh Conditions

Beauty Expert's Guide: Keeping Your Skin Hydrated In Harsh Conditions
  • Harsh winds: The frigid temperatures are drying enough, but added wind not only makes the air feel cold, but contributes to the drying of our skin by accelerating the evaporation of water from our skin.
  • Indoor heating: Indoor heating is also very drying for the air and thus our skin. We crank up the artificial heat in the chilly weather but sadly this takes moisture out of the air and our skin, we are doing our skin more harm than good.
  • Not drinking enough: People usually drink a lot in summer to stay cool. During winter, it only makes sense that people are less thirsty and as a result drink less water.
  • The sun: Chances are many of people who apply sun protection to protect their skin from the suns harmful rays , do no such thing to protect themselves in winter, even though the sun is just as damaging and drying!

sun sunglasses

Keys things you can do to protect your skin from these things?

  • Bundle up – try wrapping your face in a scarf to block cold air from reaching your skin and lips.
  • Moisturise – stock up on a great moisturiser, apply morning and night. I love Payot Lift intense in winter, it’s moisturising, nourishing and protective. This product hydrates the skin deep down boosting lipid production. 
cream hydrated
Keeping your skin hydrated
  • Hydrating serum: Go a step further and apply a hydrating serum. Medik8 B5 serum morning and night in winter delivers vitamin B and super moisture enhancing hyaluronic acid to your skin!
  • Turn down the heat: Pop on warm slippers and a sweater bundle up under a blanket. If you can light a cosy fire instead – your skin will benefit from the less harsh heat.

Tips to hydrate your skin

  • Drink up my absolute favourite at the moment The Beauty Chef hydration inner beauty boost. The more hydrated you are , the less your skin will become dry and flakey. Add this hydrating boost to your water every day to support the gut health and enhance the skins hydration through bio-fermented coconut probiotic.
  • From the inside out – Eat foods high in water content, such as watermelon, apples , celery , cantaloupe.
  • Use a Dry oil cleanser in the dryer months use a cleanser more hydrating that contains moisturising ingredients. Dry oils can repair, nourish and soften your skin while ensuring long lasting protection against drying and dehydration – Payot Huile Fondante Demaquillant with avocado oil extract is stunning!

  • Healthy diet important for your skin
    Food is essential for healthy skin. Food gets digested and broken down into vitamins minerals and amino acids that our skin uses to build healthy glowing skin. Antioxidants protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Some foods high in antioxidants for your skin are blueberries, raspberries, prunes, and green tea.


  • Do you need sun protection all year
    Yes yes yes! The sun’s harmful rays are just as strong and damaging on the skin during winter despite what the temperature is. I’m in love with DNA defence SPF 50+ by Dr Roanal Moy, this multifunctional sunscreen helps reverse and protect against photo damage while reversing sun damage with DNA Enzymes.

Are there any treatments that are more popular colder weather?

If the weather feels harsh on your skin then it is a great time to have chemical peels , lower UV levels and a perfect environment to heal your skin more quickly. Have a peel now to exfoliant and refresh your skin or have a series to significantly improve your skin before next summer!

Jacqueline Brennan, owner InSkin Medi Spa
Jacqueline Brennan, InSkin Medi Spa

The Carousel would like to thank Jacqueline Brennan, owner InSkin Medi Spa in Neutral Bay, Sydney, for this article.

Written by TheCarousel

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