How To Get Myer 2016 Autumn Fashion Beauty Looks

Get Myer 2016 Autumn Fashion Beauty Looks

The beauty creations are based on a dreamy dewy complexion and a structured brow. The lips are kept peachy and for one look the eyes are dramatic, the other, they are toned down. So take your pick…

Look 1 – Sensual Glow


Use the Napoleon Auto Pilot Hydrating Milk Cleanser and Moisture Mist to leave skin fresh and dewy.

Smooth Auto Pilot Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum and Radiance Boosting Primer for a lasting radiant finish.

Enhance your bone structure by adding Blend Light Switch Luminizer Palette to the high points of the face: tops of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow and brow bone.

If your complexion needs perfecting try The One Concealer under the eyes, BBB Cream, or the Stroke of Genius Liquid Cashmere Foundation. If your skin is naturally oily, then set your t-zone with Camera Finish Close-Up Complexion Perfecting Powder.

Myer Fashion Beauty Looks 2


Sculpt your eyes with different intensities of matte taupe. Start softly and build.

Sweep Nude U – Eyes, Cheeks and Brows Palette #4, #11 or #12 through the socket then fuse out with peachier shades #3 or #5. 

Contrast your matte shading with a pop of metallic Loose Eye Dust Star Light around the inner corner of your eyes.

Finish the eye with lashings of Peep Show Madame Fantasia Mascara.


Press DéVine Goddess Lipstick Nicki onto your lips for your desired intensity.

Look 2 – Sultry Storm

Repeat the skin and lips steps as above, but if you’d like a more sultry look try these darker eyes.

We love that Napoleon have given a contemporary update to the traditional smokey eye with a matte shadow, leaving out the liner, and blending the eyeshadow further, in to the nose, and out to the corner of the brow.
Myer Fashion Beauty Looks 1

Using the Nude U – Eyes, Cheeks and Brows Palette sweep #4, #11 or #12 through the socket and up to the brow and fuse out with #3 or #5.

Build intensity and smoke out eyes above the socket and up to your brow with Color Disc Midnight Express.

For a softer finish, don’t smoke eyes to the top of the brow, leave some highlight below the brow arch.

Contrast the matte shading with Loose Eye Dust Star Light around the inner corner of your eyes, and finish with lashings of Peep Show Madame Fantasia Mascara.

Napoleon told us “Look 1 is all about fresh, dreamy, dewy skin like you’ve just stepped out of a steamy shower, contrasted with matte shading around the eyes and a pop of wet-look metallic colour around the inner corners of the eyes.” and that it’s suited for “both day and night”.

and… “Look 2 is the representation of the storm hitting and is an evolution of the look where the eyes are smoked out with subdued matte greys and taupes, with the definition placed high on the eye in a cloud-like effect. ”

“Look 2 can be pulled back or kept as is for a bolder and daring look suitable for someone who loves to get noticed, try something new and inject a little moodiness into their look.”

Are face embellishments used in the MYER looks?

Yes, they were used in the Aje show. Aje is known for their incredibly embellished pieces and the face embellishments further accentuated the luxe and glamourous feel of the brand and its latest collection.

What type of fashion embellishments do you work with?

Depending on how out-there you want to go, you can work any type of shape, colour and size embellishment into your look. If you want something simple, try one or two jewels on the inner or outer corner of your eye. If you’re after something more daring, opt for something oversized beginning at your temple and trailing down to your cheekbone.

How do the overall makeup looks complement the new collections and mood for the season?

The intensity and array of textures teamed with understated luminosity and the mix of neutral, matte, luminous and metallic, were the perfect contrast to the colour blocking and monochrome colour palette so many brands showcased.

What’s the inspiration for the Myer show?

The inspiration for the Napoleon Perdis makeup look for Myer’s Autumn 16 Fashion Launch is inspired by the beauty and fluidity of a winter storm; the calm before the storm is where it all begins.

You sense the dark, destructive and moody clouds forming in the sky above, followed by the instantly recognisable scent of incoming rain. Then, it arrives. The storm hits in all its might with sparkling rain drops diving into puddles and drenching everything within its path.

The interpretation is two looks which are a contradiction between wet and dry.


Written by TheCarousel

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