Hairstyling Queen of Cinema Camille Friend Talks About Working In Hollywood

Camille Friend

You are referred to as the Hairstyling Queen of Cinema, tell us about some of your career highlights or “pinch me moment” and the importance of hair design and creatively on-set?

One of the best career highlights was being chosen twice to participate in the “Bake – Off” for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The “Bake-off” is the final round of competition before choosing the Oscar-nominated films for the Makeup and Hair Branch of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.


To have the opportunity twice, for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Black Panther is a significant accomplishment. When you’ve been fortunate enough to be recognised by your peers for your work in films, maybe the third time will be the lucky charm and I will get nominated for an Academy Award for hairstyling.

What are the most in-demand requests from Hollywood actresses and actors when on-set, when it comes to hair?


Both actors and actresses want a hairstylist that knows how to work with all hair textures. They also want someone to be versatile in styling, for example, knowing how to work with natural curls, straight hair, extensions, and wigs.

How do you ensure actors and actresses’ hair stays healthy on-set?

One of the ways I keep actors and actresses’ hair healthy on set is if they are wearing a wig (and a lot of them do) I will apply a deep conditioning mask to their hair underneath. I always have some of the HASK Intense Deep Conditioning packets in my kit like the Monoi Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner and will apply them. Once the wig comes off, it will leave the hair and scalp moisturised and healthy.

Naturally, Curly hair is making a comeback! What are some of the hair trends you are seeing now with regards to hair and hairstyles, and what will we start to see in future TV and film releases?

Natural curls are definitely very popular now, having versatility with your curls by adding extensions and/or hair colours are some of the current trends.
I love to see balayage, highlights, and shadow rooting on curly hair.

What is your advice for those girls who have naturally curly hair? What are your Curly hair Dos and Don’ts?

My Do’s

  • I am a huge fan of towel drying your hair with microfiber towels, I always have a bunch in the trailer.
  • Use a product that nourishes your hair like the HASK Curl Care 5-in-1 Leave-In Spray on damp hair.
  • Blow-dry hair with a diffuser.

My Don’ts

  • Please don’t sleep on cotton pillowcases. It removes the moisture from the hair. Use silk pillowcases to keep curly hair defined and sexy.

What is the best way to diffuse curls? Are there any products you recommend using before you start diffusing curls?

I always start with the HASK Curl Care 5-in-1 Leave-In Spray to detangle, prevent breakage and provide thermal protection from heat styling tools.

Once you have applied the HASK Curl Care 5-in-1 Leave-In Spray you can start to diffuse your curls. Never use high heat or high air setting, diffuse your curls on a low or medium heat and air setting while cupping the curls towards the scalp for 10-20 seconds before repeating the process on a new section.

Tell us about the new HASK Curl Collection, which has just launched? What has been your involvement with the brand and development of the range?

It’s been a great experience to have collaborated with HASK in launching the Curl Care Collection. Curly hair is a huge and significant market because it covers so many ethnicities and nationalities worldwide. HASK’s Curl Care Collection comes with 7 unique and affordable products so that anyone with naturally curly hair can find their perfect mix of products to define, moisturise and nourish their curls.


What is the Curl Complex in the collection, and what makes it so unique?

The Curl Activating Complex is naturally derived from cotton/wood and coconut. It provides long-lasting, frizz-free curl definition and maintains and enhances your curl pattern. The curl complex ensures curls are hydrated and defined without any damage.

Have you had the chance to use the new Curl Collection of any actors and actresses to date? And what were their thoughts?

Yes, I’ve been able to use the Curl Care collection on a few of the actors and actresses. They love how their curls are defined, moisturised, and frizz-free!!!

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