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The Hair Trends You Actually Want To Wear

hair trends kit x renya
hair trends kit x

We have curated our favourite six hair trends to come off the runway, that you can totally wear at home. Tongs at the ready.

hair trends cynthia rowley
Plaits by Redken at Cynthia Rowley

Pretty Curls at Macgraw

We may be biased (we love curls), but the curls that danced down the runway at Macgraw was a hair highlight. With whiffs of nostalgia (and hairspray) in the air, Master of the Mane, Byron Turnbull at Edwards & Co., created a sophisticated take on doll-like curls; a retro nod to the 70s. “We’re creating the rich girl curl – so the curl every girl wants to have,” said Bryon. “We wanted to create a look that encompassed the youthfulness of the Macgraw collection. We added volume to the hair with evo root canal through the mid-lengths, ends and roots and curled the hair, pinning and setting the look to create soft, bouncy waves. Just before the girls went on, we used the evo roy wide-tooth comb to break up the curls, finishing with evo love touch for added shine. The end result was fun hair that floated down the runway.” Sweet as pie but perfectly polished at the same time, this is hair we definitely want to wear.

hair trends macgraw
Curls get the girls at Macgraw

Rope Braids at Cynthia Rowley

It was all about great swell and fancy surfboards at New York designer, Cynthia Rowley’s Resort Show. REDKEN Hair Director, Richard Kavanagh, matched the jet-set, resort lifestyle with youthful two strand, rope braids, which were slightly tousled and textured. Inspired by Cynthia’s sunny aesthetic, Kavanagh said: “The look I created for the show exudes the collection’s diversity and international resort mood. GUTS 10 Volume Spray Foam created flexible control, and POWDER GRIP 03 Texturizing Hair Powder was used to create the matte, undone texture.” An easy, wearable adaptation of the on-trend braid, with just the right amount of playful exuberance.

cynthia rowley hair trends plaits
Cynthia plaits

Slicked Quiffs at Kit X

Now this is slicked hair done right. The Slick Rick is sexy hair personified, so when Kit Willow wanted Femme Fatales strutting down her runway, Renya Xydis delivered. Whilst strands were slicked rather androgynously, hair was given height and puffed up perfectly, for the ultimate pow-wow woman. “Its all about the Femme Fatale. We’ve got two looks – one with the gel and the other really curly. It’s like when you open up a Helmut Newton book – you have both the strong girl and the soft girl. For the first look, the hair has been ironed with the Cloud Nine Wide Iron to be really beautiful and sleek. Then we’ve used a lot of gel to bring volume and dried to be shiny.” The perfect partner in hair crime for naughty Saturday night escapades.

hair trends kit x
Slicked up but still voluminous at Kit X

Big Bed Hair at P. Jamé

Trust Dan and Bambi to throw the fashion week party that ended all fashion week parties. Their elaborate pyjama party to launch new sleepwear brand P. Jamé (there’s already a wait list) was a feather laden, candlelit slumber party with the Pour Les Amour (their brand of Rosé) flowing and every cool kid dressed in silky pjs having pillow fights (read: the coolest slumber party ever). Lauren McGowan for evo created the “biggest bedhair we can”, she said. “We’ve gone with the girls’ natural hair and teased from the root, really building up massive shape. We’re then going back through the ends with a Cloud Nine iron to accentuate natural bends and curves so it looks as though they have slept in it a little bit. Through the top there’s a lot of evo haze to add texture and hold the shape. It’s just really cloudy, fluffy, big, big hair.” A sexy mix of va-va-voom meets sleepy head, Saturday night hair here we come.

hair trends p. jame
‘It’ girl Inka Williams with bed hair at P. Jame

Retro Bangs at Ginger & Smart

Bangs are back, if ‘it’ girl trends are anything to go by. Just as Gigi and Kendall rocked fringes recently (albeit faux ones), MBFWA also boasted a fringed-up hair aesthetic. REDKEN’s hair guru Richard Kavanagh opted for a more retro take on the bang, saying; “The hair is very British inspired – it’s a bit of a tough girl look. I took my reference from the suede heads – those girls who were mods but their hair transitioned into that tougher suede-head shape in the early 70s. I didn’t want it to be too plastered down or too heavily producted. I worked with Diamond Oil and Fashion Work 12 Hairspray so the hair feels alive – it moves and is soft and shiny. We’ve swept the hair to the side to give it a bang shape feel.” So sweep away the next time you want a change, this updated take on the bang will give you that instant edge.

hair trends fringe
Bangs at Ginger & Smart

Velvet-Wrapped Ponytails

Despite this looking a tad on the difficult side, we think an adaption of this ribbon-wrapped ponytail will add the perfect polish to any outfit. Goldwell’s Dale Delaporte opted for a “sleek and young” pony with a luxe touch for Misha Collection. “A centre part and a low ponytail keeps it really modern,” said Dale. “We’ve decided to wrap around some black velvet, which we’ve distressed to make it luxe but modern at the same time. To keep the pony sleek, we’ve used a small amount of Goldwell StyleSign Unlimitor Spray Wax on the top to lacquer the hair down and contain everything.” If you’re trembling in your hair boots at the very sight of this, fear not. “At the end of day it’s just a ponytail – so it’s definitely wearable for the everyday. It’s all about how you choose to dress it – you could keep it simple or make it something really cool with a little ribbon.” Don’t mind us, we’re just off to Spotlight.

misha collection hair trends
Wrapped up ponytail on Bella Hadid at Misha Collection

Written by Chrisanthi Kaliviotis

With her lyrical turn of phrase and penchant for uber-glamour, Chrisanthi Kaliviotis is in her element writing about beauty for The Carousel, while weaving in fun fashion and pop culture references. She also loves a road test, so we send many of the new hair tools that arrive her way (she actually knows how to use them). Have you seen that hair?


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