Hair Nightmare Fixes From Stylist Kevin Murphy

Hair Nightmare Fixes From Stylist Kevin Murphy

Hair Nightmare Fixes From Stylist Kevin Murphy 

Too frizzy…
Make sure you start with the right shampoo and conditioner to protect from the stress of hair styling. YOUNG.AGAIN.WASH and RINSE or HYDRATE-ME.WASH and RINSE are perfect.

Then you need to use a styling crème that helps to smooth out the frizz while you blow dry –SMOOTH.AGAIN, KILLER.CURLS, YOUNG.AGAIN oil are all perfect and if needed, finish with a light weight styling crème like EASY.RIDER or a spray like SHIMMER.SHINE to tame flyways, soften frizz and add extra shine.

A little greasy…
Ensure you are using the right wash and rinse that controls the release of oil from your scalp and make sure you vigorously stimulate your scalp when you wash your hair to move the oil through.

Using MAXI.WASH once or twice a week to detox your hair and scalp is the best way to control sebum and clarify your scalp.  You can use a dry shampoo to remove excess oil on the day you don’t want to wash your hair. FRESH.HAIR is the best as it deodorises hair as well as removes excess oil and product build up

Too flat…
You need to use lightweight products designed for volume. ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY or LOTION are great as they are weightless and add a huge amount of volume. The trick is to apply these products and blast your hair dry with your head upside down.

Dry ends…
Doing a treatment once or twice a week is a great way to keep dry ends hydrated. ANGEL.MASQUE or HYDRATE-ME.MASQUE add the perfect amount of protein and moisture to replenish depleted, dehydrated hair.

Wispy fly-aways…
Sometimes the brush you use causes wispy flyways as using plastic can cause static in your hair causing it to become wispy and fly away – using a boar bristle brush de-tangles hair and massages the scalp, distributing hair’s natural oils through mid lengths and ends, which helps control flyways.

Hair Styling Tips For Special Occasions

A coffee catch-up: A swept up loose pony tail with some looseness around the front, nothing too severe, nice and casual but still groomed.

A girls’ dinner: This is where you can experiment and try something fun, a cool braid, a top knot with some wispy fly aways through the sides and top or super sleek and shiny.

A wedding guest: It depends on your outfit and how formal the wedding is but I would generally say wear your hair up and have it well groomed, if you do wear it out, wear it in a glamour wave and still have it looking polished.

Birthday night out: Your best party self! A beautiful blow dry or up style.

Date night: A beautiful natural looking blow dry that you are confident wearing, you want to feel comfortable and feminine on a date so your hair should be beautiful, shiny and natural.

Written by Hannah Lising-White

Hannah Lising-White is The Carousel's fashion and lifestyle contributor.

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