Glenn Nutley Helps Madison Beer Get Photo Shoot Ready

Glenn Nutley

Beauty Writer

Jul 19, 2016

Teen singing sensation Madison Beer shot to fame in 2012 after Justin Bieber tweeted a link to her YouTube videos. More in demand than ever before for appearances and magazine shoots, Madison, now 17, turns to Glenn Nutley to get a special “vintagy’ look.

Los Angeles-based Madison is looking for a “bronzie kinda eye” today with countering and lots of lashes.

Glenn opts for a smoky eye with “very heavily rimmed black liner but kinda messy; not too perfectly drawn out”.

Oh, and lots – and lots – of gorgeous lashes to highlight those big beautiful eyes!

“We’ll start with crème eyeshadow, a Chanel bronze crème to give us a nice strong face,” Glenn tells Madison.

“We apply this using a synthetic brush, then a softer natural-bristled brush to blend the shadow in.”

For the powder, Glenn uses Shadow Shields to catch any fallout; a product Madison instantly regrets not having in her makeup arsenal – so much better than tissues!

For more handy tips on contouring, how to make your eyes really pop, and how to apply lashes, just click on the video.

And what does Madison think at the end?

“I love it! It looks amazing!

Madison Beer 2
Teen Singing Sensation Madison Beer. Photography: Glenn Nutley

Madison Beer Video credits:

Glenn Nutley –  makeup and photography. Instagram: @GlennNutley

Adeel Khan – styling. Instagram: @Adeel_k

BP Major – production and editing. Instagram @BPMajor

Andrew Zepeda – Hair. Instagram: @AndrewZepeda

Madison Beer – model. Instagram: @MadisonBeer

Product credits:

Chanel Eye Shadow

Shadow Shields

Nars Guy Bourdin (highlighting, contouring and blush)


By Glenn Nutley

Beauty Writer

There’s a good reason why the name Glenn Nutley and the phrase “best in the business” are whispered on fashion shoots around the world – Glenn is much more than just a makeup artist. He is an artisan with an eye for creating the visually extraordinary.


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