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Exclusive: Why SketchShe Girls Have More Fun Bronzed

Exclusive: Why SketchShe Girls Have More Fun Bronzed
The SketchShe Girls for Benefit

What happens when the cheeky SketchShe gals and beauty brand Benefit join tanned forces? Uber bronzed babes – with a whole lotta laughs – that’s what.

One-pieces cut as high as the heavens. Neon pink, neon yellow, neon lime – neon everything. Ankle warmers (eek!). Blue Eye Shadow. Hairspray (and lots of it). Scrunchies. Pina Coladas. Getting caught in the rain…you get the drift. The 80s and 90s are back with a fun-filled vengeance.

The funny fillies have donned their highest-cut bathing suits and slathered themselves in Benefit’s new Hoola range to show us all the extraordinary ‘superpowers’ a tan will unleash.

A nostalgic nod to the era that was defined by fluro, the satiric clip plays out all the perks of being bronzed. Needless to say, some are quite surprising, such as improving your impressionist dance moves (budding dancers, take note).

The collaboration celebrates the launch of three new extension
products to the brand’s cult-favourite Hoola Bronzer; Dew The Hoola, Hoola
ZeroTanlines and Hoola Contouring Brush, and come with that kitsch and clever stamp synonymous with the Benefit brand.

In an exclusive interview, we chat to Shae-Lee, Madison and Lana about bronzing 101, 80s beauty (gasp) and being all-round funny babes.

SketchShe benefit
The SketchShe girls hilarious take on Baywatch

What is your number one bronzing tip?

ML: Preparation – a good canvas is key. Exfoliated, smooth, hydrated skin. And if it isn’t a wash off formula, use a tanning mitt and don’t apply it after a few wines.

LK: It’s all in the detail, remember to do your hands and feet properly! Also that really awkward outer forearm (I almost always miss it!)

SS: It’s moisturising before your apply your tan and continuing to keep your skin moisturised. Also not being afraid to give your skin a light exfoliate with exfoliating gloves when your tan (especially spray tan) is starting to come off. Gives you a few extra days and doesn’t go as blotchy!

SketchShe's Shae-Lee pumping iron
SketchShe’s Shae-Lee pumping iron

What is your favourite perk about being bronze?

ML: It makes all my features stand out more – hair blonder, teeth whiter, eyes bluer. And all my clothes just seem to look better.

LK: It makes my clothes look newer!

SS: It makes you feel vibrant and glowing (even when you have bees stuck in an office or studio for weeks). Bronze up and you instantly feel like you’ve actually had the time to go to the gym – takes 5 kilos off I think! 😉

What special power do you get from being bronzed?

ML: Legit street cred! Check out our SketchShe x Benefit vid!

LK: Other than mind control? It gives you 200 percent confidence which is the most amazing super power any woman could ask for!

SketchShe's Lana casually checking her glowing reflection
SketchShe’s Lana casually checking her glowing reflection

What is your favourite beauty trend from the 80s and 90s? 

ML: I really like the 90s brown / berry lip. It goes well with a bronze dewy natural face but adds some depth to the look.

LK: Thick brows. It adds real drama to your look!

SS: Big hair, bright lipstick and lots of eye shadow. I’m all about quite dramatic looks, I don’t do makeup by halves so I take a lot from the 80s. I probably don’t go as hardcore on the blue eye shadow but I certainly do on the red or pink lips!

What is your least favourite beauty trend from the 80s and 90s?

ML: Thin, over arched eyebrows – they look a bit evil.

LK: Would agree with Mads – pencil thin brows, yikes!

SS: The perm. No explanation needed!

SketchShe's Lana lazing about in her onesie
SketchShe’s Lana lazing about in her onesie

What is one thing you love and still rock from the 80s and 90s?

ML: I can’t choose one – I’m a big fan of the 90s revival! Pop Culture – female pop / RnB music – Destiny’s Child, Britney, Spice Girls, TLC, Madonna, JLo, Mariah – and the amazing cheesy teen movies. And Style – the choker necklaces and crop tops….I even wore a scrunchie the other day!

LK: Band tees, butterfly clips, Nirvana and blue eyeshadow.

Who is your favourite bronzed babe?

LK: Pammy!

If you were stuck in the 80s – in winter – and could only take one product, what would it be and why?

ML: Something with shoulder pads and good tanning products – the 80s versions would be oompa lompa-esque.

LK: Oversized bomber jacket (and a great foundation)

SketchShe's Madison playing girl boss
SketchShe’s Madison playing girl boss

What three items do you pack for a tropical holiday?

ML: Sunglasses, camera….a little umbrella for my cocktails!

LK: Swimsuit, good book, sunnies! I assume there is a bar there?

Finally, in an awkward beauty situation, what would be your number one tip to fix / lighten the situation?

ML: Announce the awkwardness (so everyone know that I too know) and then have a laugh and get on with having a good time.

LK: Simply say, “I woke up like this!” Then laugh it off!

SS: Self-deprivation always works a treat. If you have a disaster draw attention to it and get everyone in on the joke. Yes I look like an Oompa Loompa, I just want to go to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory so badly!

Written by Chrisanthi Kaliviotis

With her lyrical turn of phrase and penchant for uber-glamour, Chrisanthi Kaliviotis is in her element writing about beauty for The Carousel, while weaving in fun fashion and pop culture references. She also loves a road test, so we send many of the new hair tools that arrive her way (she actually knows how to use them). Have you seen that hair?

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