40 Plus Women: Why We Need To Change Up Our Beauty Routines

40 Plus Women: Why We Need To Change Up Our Beauty Routines
Janet Muggivan

Sep 30, 2016

Welcome to the second in our exciting new beauty series for 40 + women with Janet Muggivan, founder of Beauty Dossier – a video based online beauty course designed specifically to address beauty issues that arise for women in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

Why do we need to adjust our beauty over time?

We adjust most things as we move into different phases of our lives. Beauty is no different. It’s super easy to get “stuck” in a beauty rut where we continue to use products and wear looks that worked for us years ago. You will often find though that they just don’t seem to work as well as they once did. There are a number of reasons for this.

What are the reasons? It’s not just beauty brands telling us we need more?

NO! There are a number of facts around why it’s a good idea to periodically review your beauty needs.

1.There are no hard and fast rules of course, but when we are younger our lifestyle generally revolves around a social life and career, then perhaps children and career. Our lifestyle might look very different when we are approaching 40 and 50. The time and energy (and need!) we have to invest in beauty changes as our changing life phases do.

  1. Our skin changes. For example: You may have been quite oily when younger. Generally, our skin tends to dryness as we age, (though of course there are still women in their 50’s and beyond with oily skin.) If you are using products that worked for your oily skin in your 20’s, chances are you are not addressing your skins’ specific needs now. You skin is continually changing. We needs to review and update our skincare every few years to ensure we’re making the most of the latest technology and what is available for our skins’ needs now. The difference the RIGHT products can make to your complexion is truly astounding. (The right products, by the way, don’t have to be expensive!)
Accentuating her eyes with some eyeliner
Why Women 40+ Need To Change Up Their Beauty Routines
  1. Makeup is no different. The looks you loved years ago might not be working for you as well now. The main reason for changing up makeup as we get older is our face changes. We lose volume in our cheeks and lips, we have fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, possibly rosacea or high-colour, our eyebrows will be thinning and possibly going a little grey. The skin on our eyelids begins to slacken. In other words, the definition we had when we were younger, fades. Now this is not all as tragic as it sounds! I will happily take those changes any day. These are all signs of a life well lived. Makeup is a brilliant tool to help you feel more confident in disguising and softening any of these issues. It’s the different products we use and the way we apply them that we need to change. Makeup for me is about how it makes you feel, not just about how you look.

Beauty Dossier

  1. Let’s not forget beauty product expiration dates! I am guilty of this. Loving a product I used years ago, maybe it’s discontinued now, and I hang onto it for way too long. You can get away with some colour products, but skincare, suncare, foundations and mascaras should always be fresh. If you are using any of these products that are old, apart from the fact they may not be active or deliver the best quality ingredients after years, you can also risk contamination if bacterial has made its’ way into those products.

What is the best way to approach changing up our beauty?

Understand the basics of beauty and then you are in control. You don’t need to become a makeup artist to learn some of the fundamentals of beauty. (Frosts vs matte, Creams vs powders, light brings forward, dark minimises and pushes back , just to name a few) This is the exact reason I created Beauty Dossier. To show you the “new basics” in the privacy of your own home so you are empowered in beauty information. Once you understand a few of the basic principles of beauty, it’s amazing how much more confidence you will have.

Also, understand that you are the customer. It’s easy to feel a little intimidated by Beauty Advisors, but their job is to assist YOU! They have a wealth of information. Ask questions. However always remember, you are in control of the sale. Never feel pressured into purchasing a product you’re not sure about. We talk about the purchase experience and feeling in control at Beauty Dossier a lot, as so many friends of mine tell me they never feel confident buying new beauty products. Purchasing beauty products should always be fun, never a chore!

 The Carousel thanks Janet Muggivan from Beauty Dossier, the Online Beauty Course designed for women 40+ 


By Janet Muggivan

Janet Muggivan, a beauty industry authority, combines her passion for helping women feel and look the best they can through her new Beauty Dossier Online Training Course, aimed at women 45+. Well known within the beauty industry, Janet has over 30 years experience in training, marketing, sale and PR across numerous beauty brands. As passionate today as the day she started, Janet’s beauty philosophy relates to women’s CONFIDENCE! A staunch believer in practical beauty, think of Janet as your “friend in the know”. What do you need? What should you avoid? She tells it like it is, in a light-hearted way and believes in empowering women with knowledge so they are in control. She is particularly interested in the mature demographic as she believes it is an audience often neglected. Janet is an award winning communications specialist and served on the Board of Look Good…Feel Better, the cosmetic industry charity, for over 22 years.


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