British Fashionista Holly Fulton On Beauty And Runway Trends

British Fashionista Holly Fulton On Beauty And Runway Trends
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Mar 24, 2016

The Scottish born designer established the Holly Fulton label in 2009 after gaining notoriety in London and Paris. Her label epitomises modern luxury, attention to detail, graphic embellishment and witty twists, making it instantly recognisable.

Here, we talk to her about her typical day, favourite trends and beauty must haves.

Model wears doubled embroidered collar
Image from @studio_fulton

Holly, what’s a typical day look like?

I get up at 7am and get into the studio by 9. What I am doing each day depends on the time of year but it is usually a mixture of business and creative. It’s the paperwork and logistics of keeping a business going that takes the most time.

Describe your daily skincare routine

I am quite minimal, I use a gentle facial scrub every morning, moisturiser with Simple light moisturiser then apply minimal make up. Night time I remove everything with warm water, use a night oil or Nivea moisturiser, Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream on lips and Aesop hand cream. If I’m treating myself I moisturise all over with Kiehl’s creme de corps.

What is your beauty and health philosophy?

I feel like less is more when it comes to beauty, I’m a fan of minimal yet effective makeup and love a unique natural beauty. I do think that what you out into your body will show on your face, even if not straight away but definitely when you get older. A healthy approach is always best (even if it’s not what you always want to do!).

Model wears Pin Print Jacket
Image from @studio_fulton

What are the beauty and fashion trends that have caught your attention?

I love the trend for metallics at the moment. Sam Bryant did amazing eyes for us at AW16 which really captured the spirit of the collection and made a lasting impression on me.

Best make up tips you’ve ever heard?

Vaseline to keep unruly eyebrows in check; tinted moisturiser to keep makeup lighter and fresher; tinted eyelashes-mascara effect without any flaking or rub off on your skin.

Model wears Noosh Dress with Poplin Shirt
Image from @studio_fulton

How did you get started in your business?

I came a long way to get there but eventually, after working in many different fields, I did an MA at the Royal College in London and went straight to work with Lanvin upon graduating. Things just flowed from then really. I was lucky enough to be invited by Lulu Kennedy to show as part of Fashion East then moved on to Newgen and Fashion Forward and have been lucky enough to have some huge support from the industry and affiliated figures which has helped me get to where we are today.

Do you have a mentor or mentor others?

Both. I was very fortunate to be helped by some incredible female industry figures when I started out such as Lulu Kennedy and Sarah Mower. Their advice and opinion always means a lot to me. I always give advice where I can as I believe in giving back what you got out of the industry and I did have a huge amount of help which I’m keen to repay.

Model walks runway for Holly Fulton
Image from @studio_fulton

Tell us more about your collaboration with Simple.

I was interested in exploring products that were widely used on a global scale and the outreach this would offer us; fashion allows us to be accessible to quite a niche market but Simple gave us the chance to connect with a very broad audience. The common brand values and ethos also appealed.

Simple HF Cleansing Wipes Holly (pink)
Holly designed the packaging for Simple Cleansing Wipes

Three things you can’t live without?

San Pellegrino, art and love.


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