Best Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles To Steal This Summer

Best Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles To Steal This Summer

Sophia Smith


Admit it, or don’t – but the fact is, celebrities are the best fashion and beauty inspirations for most of us.

Owing to their amazing hairstylists, makeup artists and beauticians (as well as their close connections to the hip and trend-setting designers), they’re always the first ones to sport clothes and hairdos we then go crazy about.

Hairstyles have always been a complementing asset to the overall look; however, on their own, they too make a statement and make for a personality trait as much as for a fashion statement.

And – with seasons changing, hairdo preferences change as well, always leaving room for an addition of excitement and thrill.

This summer, we’re looking at a beautiful array of hairstyles meant for both girls with long hair and those edgy, pixie cut foxies that are looking to add some novelty to their current dos.

Here are my favourite hairstyles to steal this summer:

Textured bobs

It is safe to say that 2018 is the year of the bob; celebrities like Hilary Duff, Jennifer Lawrence, Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, Demi Lovato and many others have gone for the relaxed, fun, tasseled bob that’s easy to maintain and yet still looks incredibly elegant.

Best Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles To Steal This Summer2

The easiest way to get the look? Go to bed with a couple of big braids and take them out in the morning. Run your fingers through the hair lightly and voila – you are good to go! By the way, illusion bob was very trending, too – especially once Gigi Hadid started rocking it.

Long curls

Celebrities who weren’t in the mood to go bob on their long locks have opted for relaxed, nonchalant curls that place emphasis on their femininity and imitate the calm vibe of the summer.

Best Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles To Steal This Summer3

Let down for a casual curly feel or taken up in a messy bun or pony, most celebrities have decided not to rely on hair products during the summer but simply embrace the curler as their best friend in the game. The moment Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie became the hottest topic in Hollywood, celebrities including Beyoncé, Ciara, Sofia Vergara and others have gone crazy over the amazing GHD hair straightener that was one of the main hair styling gadgets used in the film. This time around, the straightener came with a new function – it is used for curling of hair, with an amazing longevity. The GHD is definitely the gadget to invest in.

A few vintage details here and there, to compliment the relaxed look, add to the elegance of this hairdo that will be particularly trendy this fall.

Ropey Ponytails

When ponytails and braids both start feeling basic, celebs always find a way to switch things up. Not ready to let go of these two evergreen looks (at least not yet), they’ve decided to join them into one magnificent hairdo.

Best Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles To Steal This Summer4

This summer’s hottest hair trend are the ultra-long ponytails that are either twisted, braided or sectioned off with elastics to make them look ropey and tough. There are plenty of variants to the look, too – and they all depend on your personal style and sensibility. At the same time, the look is both pretty and powerful and can be worn for a casual outing or a glam get-together.

Celebs who love the ropey pony include Kendall Jenner, Lily Singh, Olivia Munn, Lily Donaldson, Beyoncé, Hailey Baldwin and many, many others.

Geometric braids

We’ve never seen as many braids as we have this summer! From loose to geometrics, cornrows and boxer braids to French and milkmaid braids, it’s evident that this hairdo is close to celebrities’ hearts and it’s probably not going anywhere, not even after the summer’s over. Taraji P. Henson, Chanel Iman, Rita Ora, Victoria Justice and Margot Robbie (to name a few) expressed their love for braids by wearing them all through the summer.

Best Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles To Steal This Summer7

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