History Of Barossa Bee Natural Skincare Products

Natural skincare

Being a ‘nature girl’ I have always aspired to treat things as naturally as I could and use chemical-free products where possible.

Having very sensitive skin especially to skincare creams, I struggled to find suitable products. My allergies were to the chemical fragrances and preservatives, and the old saying “necessity is the mother of invention,” holds true. Trained in aromatherapy, I learnt to make my own products 25 years ago and continued to develop them particularly during the last 10 years, with the establishment of my business.  

Using beeswax as a preservative to stabilise my products instead of chemical preservatives, gives a shelf life around 2 years. I use only certified organic beeswax, the purest plant derived oils and the finest essential oils, thus the range is 100% natural. There are products to suit everyone from newborns to adults and even pets!

My mother-in-law Meg, had bad arthritis in her hands and fingers, so I created an arthritis balm using a range of specific essential oils with the beeswax balm base. Meg applied it and a week later she exclaimed that her fingers hadn’t bothered her for the whole week, using only one application! It was trialled successfully and has been one of the most popular products. I am inundated with repeat customers who swear by it, some even throwing away their painkillers. It is also helps aching feet, muscles and bruising. The finer oils such as grapeseed and sweet almond oils, along with a specific blend of essential oils are absorbed into the deeper layers, and help to reduce inflammation and pain, giving mobility back into aching joints. 

Calendula balm
Calendula Balm

The Calendula balm is an aid for people suffering with dermatitis and eczema and a wonderful substitute over steroid based pharmaceutical creams. It relieves dryness, itching and skin infections. Calendula balm has food grade Hempseed oil in it, another favourite ingredient, also included in other products like the Arthritis Balm, Blemish Stick, Lip Balm and Hemp Oil Face Moisturiser. 

Zinc Oxide balm is an exceptional multi-purpose product, which can heal sores, cuts, burns and rashes in about a third of the time, and may also be used as a natural sunblock. Great for sensitive skin and a space saver for travelling! 

The whole range, being 11 products is also suitable for people undergoing chemotherapy, as they have to use natural products only. 

Barossa Bee Natural

Local craft markets were my first point of sales, and for many years I followed the market stallholder route. I was fortunate to gain the opportunity to exhibit at the Royal Adelaide Show in the Farm Expo pavilion. We have now successfully exhibited at R.A.S. over 7 years and counting. I love dealing with the public directly, a hands-on approach, where customers can try the products before they buy.

Some challenges I have come across include enticing the sceptics to try a natural product, particularly arthritis sufferers. We ask people who try it, to go for a walk for 5-10mins, and 90% of them return to purchase. Many people that suffer with eczema, who ‘have tried everything’ become understandably disillusioned about trying anything new, and I always give my guarantee, “love it or your money refunded.” 

Another big challenge in 2018, was to make the products for the Adelaide Show, while I was receiving massive doses of chemotherapy. I struggled to make all the products and even though I was nearly ‘dead on my feet’ I did not want to let my loyal customers down.

It is my belief that if you are passionate about what you do, and you have the right intentions behind your business, whether it is being able to help others and alleviate suffering, with products and/or a service, then go for it, ‘Nothing ventured is nothing gained’.

The Carousel would like to thank Joy Petrie for her story.

Written by TheCarousel


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