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How Beauty Gadgets Are Changing Your Face

How Beauty Gadgets Are Changing Your Face1

Nowadays, technology plays a vital role in the beauty realm, with gadgets becoming the latest craze to grace the counters.

Here is just a selection of some of the latest options set to change your face for the better.

O Cosmetics O Sonic, $99

A gadget to change up your cleansing regime, the O Sonic uses a combination of sonic pulsations and silicone fibre touchpoint to wash away those nasty impurities. And for all those germaphobes who gasp at the thought of all that built-up grime, this is 35% more hygienic than any other cleansing brush on the market. With up to 8,000 pulsations per minute at three speeds, they gently remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood supply for softness and a radiant glow in just two minutes a day. The deep cleansing pulsations also unclogs pores up to 99.5% and removes make up residue by 98.5%. Talk about clean.

beauty gadgets o cosmedics

NuFace Trinity Device, $458

Want a five minute face lift at home? Believe it or not, this little horned device literally lifts and sculpts your sagging skin like a face lift. An award-winning anti-ageing device that gives a non-invasive facial lift, it uses micro-current technology to penetrate deep to the muscular level; improving facial contour, skin tone and flattens out the look of wrinkles. Whilst the results aren’t permanent, if you ‘lift’ five days a week for two months, you’ll have a positively contoured guise. It’s like a gym workout for your face – without the blood, sweat and tears.

beauty gadgets nuface

Braun Silk-Expert IPL Hair Removal System, $999

This Braun at home IPL device is one seriously clever dude. With 300,000 flashes, it continuously reads the skin tone and automatically optimises and adapts the light intensity accordingly, for permanent visible hair removal at home. Pain-free, safe and you can treat facial hair in minutes or even an arm or leg in just 8 minutes. Laser hair appointment after laser hair appointment? We think not – relax at home with a Pinot and the #bachie on whilst you zap away.

Sale Alert – $599!


braun beauty gadget

CoolSculpting, $1000

Ever wanted to lose that double chin? Well, now you can. For good. You may have heard of the wonders of CoolSculpting, a fat loss treatment which freezes your fat then emits the fat cells from your body naturally, but now there is a tool for shaping you face, in particular a carefully, contoured neck. The CoolMini applicator targets those double (or triple, or quadruple) chins and banishes the bulge forever. This isn’t a take home tool, but this little beauty gadget is non-evasive, with no surgery or downtime and you only require one visit – we think that’s definitely worth a trip to your nearest clinic. No gobble gobble here.

cool sculpt beauty gadgets

Clinique Sonic System Massaging Treatment Applicator, $36

This beauty massaging treatment gives you rosy cheeks in the touch of a button. The perfect accompaniment to massage in a skin-firming cream, the tool acts to boost micro-circulation and is refreshes the skin upon contact. Simply nozzle onto your Sonic Brush (which has a cleansing head to purify the skin first) and massage away to a rejuvenated complexion.

beauty gadgets clinique cleansing


Written by Chrisanthi Kaliviotis

With her lyrical turn of phrase and penchant for uber-glamour, Chrisanthi Kaliviotis is in her element writing about beauty for The Carousel, while weaving in fun fashion and pop culture references. She also loves a road test, so we send many of the new hair tools that arrive her way (she actually knows how to use them). Have you seen that hair?

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