THEE – Aussie Mum Jennifer Smyth Creates A Hydrating Face Cream

THEE Australia - The Luxurious Hydrating Face Cream That Restores Time

THEE originally began as just an idea – almost a hobby and interest that developed into a small business. 

As THEE was my dream and my vision, for the first two years I worked solely with a scientist. I became a passionate online researcher, administrator and development coordinator.   

Over time I became more aware that I had a viable product. I engaged a contract manufacturer, a quality control professional to perfect the cream. I also started to hire professional consultants such as, lawyers to trademark and copyright the name and accountants to ensure my financial records were compliant with the tax office’s requirements.

I also used my family and friendship networks to find people who could also offer advice.  I am blessed not only with the expertise that is around me, but with the donated time and effort that people have provided to help me make my business better.

Why it helps

THEE Cream Intensive Hydrate and Renew works on multiple levels targeting hydration, cell renewal, fine lines as well as having brightening and soothing properties.  Its innovative formula means that you no longer need separate day, night, eye or brightening creams.

THEE Cream brings together a huge range of powerful active ingredients to address the main skin concerns with the aim to simplify your moisturising routine.

THEE Cream is made from some of the finest ingredients sourced from around the world and manufactured locally in Australia. This means the actives are fresh and work well to deliver faster results.

The idea for Thee Cream came after three decades in the beauty industry and through the exposure, I had to international trade shows. This gave me access to the world’s leading cosmetic experts and the world’s best facial products, and I gained a love for very expensive thick and luxurious facial creams. 

This was fine while I remained in the industry, but after I sold my business and became the mother of two young girls, spending money on these creams became unsustainable, so when I was down to my last jar of a French cream which retails at $242.00 for 30ml, I ensured it lasted.

It became my special night time moisturising routine and I got every last drop from that jar.  Although it made me feel fabulous, I felt guilty about spending that amount of money on me and without industry discounts, it was unaffordable.

This led me on the journey to create a cream that was super intense on hydration and rich in texture that could be used at the end of each day – not only to moisturise, but to create a routine where you had some quite time to look at yourself in the mirror and breathe. Although it might sound opulent, my ‘me time’ was a couple of minutes in the bathroom after the girls had eventually gone to sleep. 

When things go wrong and life’s daily stresses mount up, I found that this little evening routine kept me sane.

SO I began in creating my own face cream which has now superseded all of my initial goals and expectations. 

Jennifer Smyth
Jennifer Smyth


Initially I was trying to find a face cream that had all the qualities that I liked – thick and moisturising.  I tried many brands on the market, but I soon discovered that what I wanted was not easily available.

I then started to experiment.  I went back to the knowledge I gained through attending international trade shows. I spent many nights on the web researching the latest ingredients and facial products. I found the right experts to help. 

I also wanted to be a role model for my children.  For them to see and experience drive, ambition, perseverance, endurance, resilience and adaptability when things don’t go to plan and the exhilaration when things go well.  I wanted my daughters to know that you can give it a go and see the results and reality of hard work.  My parents gave me a strong work ethic, which I am truly grateful.

Now, two years on, I have a viable product, a boutique business and THEE cream is gaining fabulous reviews, both in Australia and internationally, which has superseded all my initial goals and expectations.

It hasn’t been an easy journey, but I have learnt so much and continue to learn every day. 

Written by TheCarousel

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