70s Inspired Look Book For Spring

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Sadie Archibald

Lifestyle Writer

Oct 31, 2021

For all those fashionistas out there, hints of 70s inspired clothing is coming back with a bang. So we have compiled a bunch of funky 70’s styles to enjoy a blast from the past. Just like Farrah Fawcett, you could bring back the look into your wardrobe this spring.

Farrah Fawcett
Fartah Fawcett


Flares have to be the most flattering pair of jeans, curving in all the right places. Often high wasted and super comfy, here are a couple of funky flare looks to fit into and are all the rage right now.


Halter Tops

This heart breaker halter from yesterday people not only highlights the 70s warm and sunny floral pattern but also the flattering halter top which you can pair perfectly with a snug pair of flares and is super trendy.

halter top


Whether it be going for a relaxing day at the beach, or picnic in the park, crochet can look good as bikinis, pants or shirts and is something a little different than the usual cotton.

crochet top
crochet top

Go Go Boots

Choose your favourite colour and you can strut your stuff or go for a boogie with a pair of these funky boots.

go go boots

Flowing dresses

Just like Anita Pallenberg, you could waltz around in flowing white dresses and bangs in your hair this spring.

dress 70s


By Sadie Archibald

Lifestyle Writer

Sadie Archibald is a lifestyle writer for The Carousel.


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