6 Ways To Achieve A Natural Look

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Apr 23, 2020

The irony in achieving a natural look is not lost on us, and while we’d love to tell you the six steps are to exist, exist, exist, exist, exist, exist; we know that sometimes we need a little help. Just like wearing your casual clothes is often when we feel the most relaxed, ourselves, and care-free, we think makeup can be casual, too. This simple, six step, no makeup makeup routine should have you out the door in 15 minutes or less, with everyone saying – hey, you look so healthy, have you been in the sun?

#1 Start with the mirror: say hi to yourself and remember you’re prettier when you don’t care. Makeup can make you feel more, so long as you don’t feel less without it.

Natural, beauty

A natural look means less products, more you – in your natural state. Get to know yourself again and the transition from less makeup to no makeup (when you feel like it) will become super easy, plus you’ll be giving your skin the chance to breathe, rest and reset – you should see improvements within a few weeks.

#2 Fluff Face Oil: perfect sweaty, it’s the dewy effect you’ve always wanted. Add 2-3 drops to your moisturiser or apply liberally on its own. 100% Jojoba Oil is suitable for all skin types as it has a similar molecule structure to your own skin oils, meaning you won’t overproduce oils that can often lead to breakouts. Bonus: use a few drops on your hair to tame dryness and frizz.

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#3 Tinted SPF: if you’re wanting a little more coverage and a sunsafe base, we recommended lightweight, tinted SPF moisturisers which still let your freckles and natural skin colouring show. 

#4 Fluff Bronzing Powder: brush the powder on more or less, depending on whether you want an all over, subtle, sun-kissed glow, or a deep bronzed look by focussing on the areas that the sun naturally hits your face: nose, forehead, cheekbones, jawline.

bronzer, natural

#5 Fluff Lip Oil #1 Clear: use as a highlighter on your cheekbones for that extra dewy finish.

6# Fluff Lip Oil #2 Tint: with a terracotta sheer tint it adds natural colour and a subtle, glossy finish without feeling sticky.

lip oil, beauty

That’s it – you’ll still look like you: pretty.

Oh – on the SPF moisturiser front, we recommend any one of these 3: Josh Rosebrook, Ultra Violette, Ilia.

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