Skincare Expert Michelle Reeve: Why Your Skin Wants You To Go Organic

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Dec 09, 2021

Michelle Reeve, Queen of natural skincare with her ranges Waterlily and Spaceuticals, explains why going green is always better.

Phytochemicals, co-enzyme Q10, reservatrol, AHA, BHA… the science behind skincare can be a bit difficult to understand.

Michelle clears up exactly what these terms mean.

Why should we use aromatherapy on our skin?

“Aromatherapy offers us a naturopathic skincare solution where we can not only affect remedial change, but offer a proactive approach against skin disorders and premature ageing.

This is achieved through pure essential oils, which are potent chemical compounds that deliver so many therapeutic benefits.”

What are Phytochemicals? How do they work?

“Phytochemicals are the plant based active ingredients vital for healthy skin function. Apart from the nutrient rich complexity of these active ingredients, one of the many benefits is their extremely tiny molecular size. For us to change and transform the skin we need our ingredients to be transdermal, that is to penetrate the skin to the deep dermal layer to effect the new layers of skin cells being produced. Plant based ingredients are not only able to penetrate the skin but deliver a broad range of essential nutrients they are biochemically compatible with our own skin.” 

What are the effects of using chemical based skincare products?

“The jury is out as to the effect of synthetic chemicals long term. These include mineral oils, petrochemical bases, propolene glycol, and other synthetic fillers.

At best these ingredients are lazy. They are often used to create products cheaply and have no real benefit as they lack nutrition. Waterlily formulations are active from the first ingredient to provide the broad nutritional requirements the skin demands. If we were offered a plate of synthetic ingredients for dinner we would without question reject it.  Why do we think our skin is different?”

What are some of the biggest threats to our skin in the 21st century?

“Stress alters our body chemistry and puts us in the fight or flight mode. When we stay like this for long periods of time all of our essential system functions that allow us to stay healthy are compromised. High levels of cortisol and adrenaline limit the ability of our immune system to protect us from both long and short term disease. Considering the pressures of modern day lifestyles this is an extreme concern.”

What is your key tip for healthy and glowing skin?

That’s simple, oil! But not just any oil, the skin needs pure essential fatty acids from cold pressed seeds and nuts for optimal health. They are naturally rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes to deeply nourish skin. The benefits of great omega based plant oils include minimising inflammation (the precursor to all skin ageing and disorders), building collagen, boosting hydration and balancing excess oil. When we remove omega oils from our skincare diet we compromise the barrier function of the skin, promote sensitivity and speed up the ageing process. Considering our skin pH is a fine layer of subaceous oils and each skin cell is comprised of a layer of fats and lipids, it’s essential that we support skin with the natural building blocks it demands.

What is more important, what you put in your body or what you put on it?

It’s definitely a balance of both. Our body is inextricably connected. The quality of ingredients you would be happy to ingest for great gut health needs to be reflected in your skin care. It’s interesting that there is a disconnect by how we look after our internal organs and health with fresh nutrient rich foods, then we somehow justify using empty synthetic chemicals on our skin to get results. We believe the skin is an extension of our other body systems and needs to be respected accordingly with a complex blend of nutrient rich active ingredients.

What inspired you to start Waterlily?

I have a passion for natural medicine and proactive wellness rituals. I believe it’s the culmination of small daily habits that impact on our health long term. Creating Waterlily was an opportunity to provide daily solutions to not only regenerate and rejuvenate skin but to create nurturing rituals that support holistic wellness through potent plant extracts and aromatherapy. These have the capacity to support body systems to relive stress, the precursor to all illness and disease, and promote wellbeing.

How is Spaceuticals different to the Waterlily range?

The Waterlily range is a nourishing collection of nutrient rich botanical formulations founded on omega rich serums to support the skin; a great system to deeply nourish and support skin health while enhancing barrier function.

Spaceuticals has taken the Waterlily formulation philosophy and boosted the naturopathic plant formulations with advanced active ingredients to deliver a green and clean active cosmeceutical. This is a corrective and remedial skin solution with some really special offerings. We have partnered with a natural medicine company to use a food grade encapsulated delivery system that allows deeper dermal penetration and longer lasting activity or our intense actives. The complex formulations are also boosted with a natural sea water concentrate rich in over 45 essential minerals and trace elements. Our cosmeceutical actives are many, but some of our heroes include clinical concentrations of niacinamide (Vitamin B3) for pigmentation and inflammation, co-enzyme Q10 a powerful antioxidant which has the capacity to reverse wrinkles, collagen building resveratrol, and a blend of refining AHA and BHA exfoliants, along with folic acid, kale, milk thistle, broccoli, lime caviar, beta glucan, ascorbic acid, fermented papaya, alpha lipoic acid and a host of vitamins (to name just a few).     



By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team


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