Why This UK Mum Is Insuring Her Hands For $24 Million!

UK beautician insures hands for $24 million
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Jan 08, 2018

Beautician Deborah Mitchell knows that headline might sound a little wacky, until you consider who her clients are.

Her star-studded followers include Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, Duran Duran, Dannii Minogue and TV presenter Tess Daly.

Deborah, 51, is the founder of Heaven Skincare and best known for her innovating bee venom products, including a bee sting facial kit.

Deborah Mitchell is going to extreme lengths to protect her hands

As her business continues to grow as well as increasing demands for her services from the rich and famous, Deborah says it makes sense to protect her most valuable assets.

“I fly all over the world treating celebrities and royalty. This would not be possible if I damaged my hands, even with a small paper cut as I could not treat anyone until it healed,” she tells the Daily Mail.

“My hands are so important to me as I could be called at any minute to attend an important trip with a client and I would never want to let them down.

“Without my hands, I would not be able to earn a living and make my clients beautiful – and that isn’t an option for me.”

To comply with the 15 million pound insurance policy’s strict conditions, Deborah now has to take extreme measures.

These include wearing gloves when she walks her two dogs, long haired Jack Russells Paddy and Taffy, in case she gets friction on her hands.

She’s also banned from touching heated kitchen equipment like pots, pans, the kettle, microwave and oven, and must handle all cutlery with silk gloves.

Even when opening the mail, she must use an envelope opener and wear gloves to reduce the risk of paper cuts.

The mother-of-two cannot garden unless she uses extra tools and appliances as well as garden gloves to ensure she does not come into contact with plant thorns.

All doors must be opened for the businesswoman to make sure she doesn’t strain her wrist or trap her fingers.

Deborah says already spends a great deal of time looking after her hands. She dedicates 30 minutes every day, giving them a thorough massage with her own candle wax oils and performs a range of hand exercises two or three times a day.

These include rotating both hands, massaging pressure points and touching her thumb with every finger on each hand.

She also takes extra precautions to keep them in perfect condition by wearing gold bangles to bed every night as gold is known for its healing properties and for preventing arthritis.


By The Carousel The Carousel has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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