What Does Slow Fashion Actually Mean Anyway?

What does slow fashion mean Redan The label
Marie-Antoinette Issa

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May 07, 2024

Slow fashion” has been quickly gaining momentum as a counter-movement to the fast-paced, mass production methods dominating the industry. But what exactly does slow fashion actually mean? To delve deeper into this question, Sonali Prakash, the Founder of Redan the Label, a New Zealand brand that epitomises the ethos of slow fashion, reveals her thoughts…

Redan: A recap

Sonali’s journey into the world of fashion design was a blend of childhood dreams and a serendipitous rediscovery of her passion. From her earliest memories, she had an innate affinity for clothing and styling. Envisioning a career as a stylist for movies and celebrities. However, life took her down a different path, leading her to pursue marketing in university. It wasn’t until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that Sonali found herself with the opportunity to reignite her love for fashion through Redan. Inspired by the nostalgic warmth of her childhood memories in New Zealand, Sonali aimed to create clothing that evoked feelings of love, empowerment and inclusivity.

“Redan is the name of the street we lived on when we first moved to NZ (a small town called Kaitaia on the upper North Island). And, whenever I hear Redan, it reminds me of when I was growing up and going to the local dairy to buy some 5 cent lollies with my sister (sometimes the dairy owners would give us free lollies), playing with the ladybugs by the mailbox and going to our neighbours house to jump on their trampoline,” laughs Sonali.

Slow fashion: A fast breakdown

So, what sets slow fashion apart from its fast fashion counterpart? According to Sonali, slow fashion at Redan is guided by four fundamental principles.

  1. Small Batch Production. Embracing the small batch production method allows for greater control over quality and ensures minimal waste. Redan opts for eco-friendly fabric options such as cotton and recycled materials to minimise environmental impact.
  2. Pre-Orders. By utilising pre-orders, the brand can accurately gauge demand, reducing overproduction and eliminating excess inventory.
  3. Material Reuse. Redan commits to reusing materials wherever possible. From utilising satin garment bags instead of single-use plastic to repurposing leftover materials from production.
  4. Minimalist Range. Curating a minimalist range of thoughtfully designed garments not only simplifies the manufacturing process but also promotes mindful consumption.

In contrast to fast fashion brands that churn out new designs at breakneck speed, Sonali’s design process at Redan is characterised by meticulous attention to detail. And, a focus on perfecting a select few garments. Each piece undergoes multiple rounds of testing and feedback to ensure the perfect fit and style, with a particular emphasis on catering to women under 5’4″ in height.

“The key difference is that within one collection we focus on 3-5 garments which we have tested with consumers and are absolutely in love with,” says Sonali. “In order to get the perfect fit, we go through 2-3 samples. Which are then all worn by the team, so nothing goes to waste.”

Moreover, sustainability lies at the heart of Redan’s ethos. “At the very early stages of Redan, we recognised sustainability as a fundamental value integral to our mission,” says Sonali. “To uphold this principle, we champion small batch production, embrace eco-friendly fabric options in all pieces from our collection, align with suppliers who hold our values in sustainability and pay fair wages and working conditions for all staff. We also use cardboard and bio plastics for our tags and mailers, and we source locally where possible.

Lastly, community engagement plays a pivotal role in Redan’s approach to fashion. By fostering connections with customers, partners, and industry stakeholders, Sonali aims to drive positive change. And continuously improve the brand’s sustainability efforts.

The one pant you can buy now to get the slow fashion look, fast!

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What does slow fashion mean Redan the label

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Lifestyle Writer

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