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Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

Dec 01, 2023

Whether you eat plant-base or not, I reckon we can all get on the same page when it comes to animal testing, or cruelty in the name of cosmetics and beauty.

And, particularly when it comes to lip gloss, balm or sticks, I think it’s a little more than OK if we are all particular about what we put on our pout.

With this in mind, please find below my all-time fave vegan lip gloss, stick or balms … created without a skerrick of cruelty in mind.

Aspar Rosemary & Clove Thermal Clove
Aspar Rosemary & Clove Thermal Balm

Disclaimer: This beautiful balm does contain beeswax, so it’s technically not vegan. However, it is up to you and you alone whether you use it and if it conflicts with your belief systems and structures. However, should you choose to trial it, you’ll love its naturally warming thermal action that helps to ease tension by relaxing and minimising joint and muscle pain. With clove and camphor, this beautiful balm also boosts circulation and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Peppermint has a mild sedative effect and calms the senses.

Arbonne Intelligence Lip Treatment

This is a youth-enhancing lip treatment that helps to soften the appearance of fine lines on the lips and contours, and supports the skin’s natural moisture barrier. With a deeply hydrating action, this helps to enhance the appearance of lip volume and multitasks as a primer for lipstick or gloss.

Ciate London Disco-Nap-2-in-1-Everyday-Balm-And-Mask

This naturally hydrating, two-in-one vegan lip mask, adds a soft hint of colour to the complexion, as it nourishes the lips, boosts moisture and improves moisture balance. Perfect for chapped lips.

Biossange Squalene Rose Vegan Lip Balm

Deeply hydrating and rich, this instantly soothes stressed skin, removing old skin cells and debris. It also triggers cellular turnover for softer, fuller, better hydrated lips.

Natio Nourishing Lip Shine, in either Shell, Pink Coral and Sunset.
Drench your lips with hydration and shine, with a subtle slick of colour. For longer lasting colour, fill in lips using a same-shade lip liner first.

Hurraw! Sun Lip Balm SPF45 Tangerine & Chamomile.

Thick, creamy and super-hydrating, acts as a nourishing, anti-inflammatory that helps absorbs the sun’s rays. Sea Buckthorn Oil is rich in Fatty Acids and Carotenes to deeply hydrate lips and juicy Tangerine, Roman Chamomile and a hint of Vanilla are nourishing and calming.


By Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

Shonagh Walker is a multi-award-winning lifestyle writer and author specialising in beauty, health, fashion, travel, pets and animals. Her career spans over 30 years, and she can't recall a day during that time, where she hasn't been excited to get to work!



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