Unisex Beauty Products: His And Her Toiletries You Can Share

Bianca Spendlove

Lifestyle Writer

Jul 17, 2023

We all know that toiletries can be expensive. Imagine when you opt to buy a set of hair care products that cost you more than $100 dollars, only to find each time you go to use it that it is substantially lighter. Alarm bells start to go off and your blood pressure begins to rise.

Let’s face it, if you are living with a significant other half or a male housemates, it’s likely they use your toiletries and bathroom products. But rather than hiding your toiletries in secret drawers, there is a solution!

Simply start buying unisex his and her products you can both enjoy and go halves on the cost so everyone’s happy.

Here are some handy beauty products you can both enjoy.

Our Top 8 His & Her Beauty Products

  1. Aēsop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser 

This beautiful botanically formulated body cleanser is suitable for all skin types and effectively removes dirt and grime and leaves your skin refreshed and scented with a fresh aroma. Why do you think fancy hotels use Aesop in their bathrooms? Because it appeals to both men and women and smells divine!

Aesop His and hers body cleanser
Aesop His and her body cleanser

500ml – RRP $59.00

2. Toni & Guy Shampoo For Advanced Detox

Toni & Guy is a popular brand amongst men and women and the brand certainly understand hair care. This shampoo removes dirt build up or residue and deeply cleanses from root to tip, leaving your hair clean and manageable.

Toni & Guy deep Cleanse Shampoo
Toni & Guy Shampoo

RRP – $15.00

3. Garnier Pure Active Intense 3-in-1 Charcoal Anti-Blackhead Face wash

This 3-in-1 face wash is perfect for you and your man. It contains concentrated Salicylic Acid which removes dirt and impurities from the skin and deeply cleanses it. The product also contains natural exfoliating particles which removes dead skin cells and helps to minimise clogged pores. It caln be used as a face mask for a deep cleanse and its charcoal and blueberry extracts absorb and extract impurities whilst neutralising the shine. This face wash covers all aspects and suits the male and female skin perfectly.

Garnier Facewash perfect His & Hers Product
Garnier Face wash perfect His & Hers Product

RRP $12.95

4. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser Lightweight Hydration

This moisturiser contains a botanical lipid called Squalane, which has a similar molecular structure to the lipids in our skin.  It helps retain moisture and keeps your skin supple and soft. This light-weight formula will leave His & Her faces moisturised all day long.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturiser His & Hers
Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser

250ml – RRP $59

5. Oral B 3D White Luxe Diamond Strong Toothpaste

Nobody wants a yellow-toothed smile. Men and women both want to have a brilliant white smile whilst looking after their teeth, so both invest in a toothpaste that does it all. Its expert whitening formula whitens teeth and removes stains whilst also strengthening and building up your tooth enamel. Use together and you can watch each others smiles get brighter and whiter.

Oral B 3D White toothpaste essential for His & Hers bathroom
Oral B 3D White toothpaste

95ml – RRP $6.29-8.99 Prices may vary

6. Lucas Papaw Lip Balm

Now everyone gets dry lips and men can’t deny they need to add a bit of moisture to those handsome pouts of theirs, so buy a lip remedy that suits both of you. Popular amongst men and women, it also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which is excellent for lip health.

Lucas Papaw His & Hers
Lucas Papaw

25g – RRP $6.99

7. Tweezerman Slanted Tweezers

Yes men are hairier than women. We’ve seen a huge rise in facial hair styles this year, but when it comes to facial grooming men also need to tweeze and remove the odd straggler from here and there, just as much as we do. So share a pair of expert slanted tweezers from Tweezerman. You might not be the only one who wants to pluck away any evidence of that monobrow.

His & Hers tweezers from Tweezerman
His And Her tweezers from Tweezerman

 RRP – $23.00


By Bianca Spendlove

Lifestyle Writer

Bianca is a British actress who has always had an interest beauty, fashion and lifestyle, being surrounded by makeup artists most days inspired her to take note of the top tips and trends used in the industry. She loves to write in her own time and to document her travels.



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