Seven Beach Essentials (That Aren’t Sunscreen!)

Six Summer Beach Essentials
Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

Jan 19, 2024

Slip, slop and slapping is an obvious addition to an Aussie Summer. But, beyond SPF, here are seven other beach essentials that you should absolutely include when planning your next seaside escape.

Pixie Jessie Sunglasses, $169, by Oscar Wylee

When it comes to beach essentials a pair of slick sunnies is a seriously important investment. Not only do they protect your peepers from the sun, but they can add cool touch to your look. Whether your vibe is classic cat eye, or edgy aviator inspired, Oscar Wylee makes sunnies to suit every face shape and style. With frames in premium gold coatings and pops of colour. Among our favourites are this Jessie pair from the Pixie range. Featuring funky oval flat frames they’re reminiscent of Hailey Bieber’s iconic street style. Making them an equally appropriate accessory for a trip to the beach or a night out.

Slip them onto a vibing chain (we love this oversize oval link one, by Locello, and consider the last Summer dilemma of “where did I leave my sunnies?” officially solved.

Spray and Glow, $39.95, by Cinch

Cinch by name. And a cinch by nature! This go-to hydrating spray make it easier than you can imagine to keep your skin hydrated this Summer !  With clinically-proven ingredients like Superox-C to minimise fine lines and stimulate pro-collagen, plus the plant-derived ingredient Pentavitin which offers 72 hours of hydration, and Floraesters to decrease large or inflamed pores, Cinch Spray and Glow really is a cinch, for those after glowing (safely) sun-kissed skin

Golden Umbrella, $279, by Sunday Supply Co

Celebrate sunny days responsibly with a touch of local craftsmanship and sustainable elegance in the form of an oversized umbrella by Sunday Supply Co. Featuring a vibrant gold hue and a design that seamlessly blends functionality with fashion, this accessory gives French Rivieria glam. While its made-in-Australia roots reflect the brand’s dedication to supporting local craftsmanship while prioritising sustainability. Its premium finishes, UPF 50+ premium fabric, water and fade resistant finish, exclusive prints and100% cotton tassels, make it both an excellent sun protector and brilliant statement piece for environmentally conscious beachgoers.

Summer Beach Essentials Golden Umbrella by Sunday Supply Co

Defy Damage UV Protection Shield, $40.50, by Joico

As we revel in the sunshine, it’s crucial to recognise that our hair deserves protection just like our skin. Enter Defy Damage UV Protection Shield by Joico. Applied before styling, it fortifies your hair from within. And makes it four time more resistant to breakage during heat styling. Plus, offers instant, daily protection against damaging heat, UV rays, environmental factors and even colour fade.

Menstrual Disc, $59.99, by Hello Period

Traditionally tampons were the most popular options for those seeking a Summer dip while on their period. However, Hello Period is offering a more eco-friendly option in the form of their popular menstrual disc. The Hello Disc is equivalent to over 2,000 tampons or pads. Which means that this menstrual disc not only champions comfort and convenience but also addresses the growing concern of marine life mistaking plastic-ridden tampons for food.

As the only period brand globally providing reusable options, Hello Period is proof that that embracing eco-friendly period care is not just responsible but also, in their words, “bloody awesome.”

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, $4.49, by Palmer’s

While our face and body generally get the most attention when it comes to sun protection, it’s important to remember the delicate care your lips deserve too! Revitalise a parched pout with a nourishing lip balm, like this one by Palmer’s. It uses its iconic cocoa butter and  Vitamin E formula to lock in hydration, deliver 48 hours of moisture, protect cracking and just generally leave your lips looking lush.

Summer beach essentials Pamer's Cocao Butter lip Balm

La Roche Posay, House of Healthy Skin Pop Up Skin Clinic, free
Lac Roche Posay, in collaboration with Skin Check Champions, is committed to elevating awareness and prevention of skin cancer. With complimentary nationwide skin checks. Given the results from their 10-days of checks in Bondi this National Skin Cancer Action Week (which included 1545 skin checks, identification of 25 potential melanomas and over 60,000 La Roche-Posay Anthelios Invisible Fluid SPF 50+ sunscreen samples distributed), we highly recommend following their tour and tracking them down at a public beach near you!

Summer Beach Essentials La Roche Posay, House of Healthy Skin Pop Up Skin Clinic, free



By Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

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