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Sara Tammer Q&A beauty
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Dec 10, 2021

Sarah Tammer is Luma founder and model Jess Hart’s go-to makeup artist in Australia. Here the celebrity makeup artist Sarah  talks exclusively with The Carousel about her beauty tips and tricks.

What are your biggest beauty secrets you can share?

  • Zen Facial with Fumi Yamamoto (at Bronte Beach)- NEXT LEVEL holistic treatment for your mind, body and soul… your face will be glowing & hydrated, cheekbones more defined, brows lifted and the list goes on, as well as feeling more radiant, youthful and revitalised.
  • Drink LOTS of good quality water, I have a water filter at home that alkalises and ionizes the water, spring water also VERY GOOD! Hydration is SUPER important for skin and overall wellbeing.
  • I also take supplements including chlorella, probiotics, and 3 great beauty supplements from Beauty Boosters.
  • If I feel sluggish and need to reset my system I have colon hydrotherapy & infrared sauna.
  • Good sleep is also essential, especially loving my new SOS silk and linen pillow slips that help you achieve smoother skin and hair.

What products do you always recommend and why?  I lean towards natural products when I can and am currently LOVING three brands in particular:


LUMA Beyond the Brow grooming gel is my absolute fave it’s SO GOOD!! Natural brows but much fuller and fluffier.

LUMA On the Glow Highlighter in Cashmere Casbah is my go-to Highlighter I use this on almost EVERYONE it’s the perfect shade and texture to highlight for most fair to medium complexions… I apply it to the top of the cheekbones, inner corner of the eye a gentle stroke on the bridge of the nose.

Blushed Nomad is such a pretty rose gold bronze shade I LOVE layering this one on the eyelids to make eye colour POP!! 

LUMA Just a Touch Lip & Cheek I LOVE Lady Luck, it’s the perfect shade for me and feels so good on too.


I love almost every product in the range… she has nailed it!

Light Wonder is my current foundation obsession; it’s hydrating, lightweight with a flawless natural finish; since having this in my kit it’s the only one I reach for.

 I’m also loving Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara 

 5 in 1: true to its name lashes look FULL & FAT curl separate volume length with a lovely glossy black finish… 


Their Face Oil, Body Oil, Lip & Face Balms- EVERYTHING about this brand makes my heart sing, it’s organic, biodynamic, luxurious, hand blended, sun-infused & gold charged. When I use it my skin and soul feel nourished… 

Do you have any favourite health and beauty apps and if so what are they and why do you like them?

Oprah & Deepak’s Mediation Experience: I LOVE this one! When I practice this it helps me to cope with life more calmly and with more clarity. 

Think Dirty: such a GREAT app!  you can check the health impacts and ingredients of products.

Further to that my main go-to apps are for music. I am SUPER PASSIONATE about music; I use Apple Music, SoundCloud and am ALWAYS Shazamming new tracks

Oh and I’m on Instagram WAY TOO MUCH!!! I may be slightly addicted… I look at Make Up Artists, Hair Stylists, Photographers, MUP brands, Artists, magazines, models, actresses all sorts of things for inspiration and fun!

Discover more here: https://www.lumabeauty.com/


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