Review: HASK Hair Products – Biotin Boost Thickening Collection

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Angela Bunt

Lifestyle Writer

Oct 04, 2022

We decided to do a road test of HASK Hair Products – Biotin Boost Thickening Collection and here’s the results.

My hair is the bane of my life as it’s fine and limp. I’ve tried all sorts of products over the years including raw egg yolks but nothing seems to make a difference. I am therefore sceptical of hair products that say they can make your hair look thicker, bouncier and more luxuriant.

When I was asked if I would like to test hair products in the HASK range, I thought why not give their Biotin Boost Thickening Collection a try. It is supposed to achieve thicker and stronger hair with a trio of “plumping” ingredients – Biotin, Brazilian Coff­ee and Collagen – which are designed to enhance the appearance of thicker fuller hair. I’ve been using the shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and leave-in spray for several weeks and I must admit the combination of these four products actually does make my hair appear to have more volume and vitality. These products do exactly what they say on the tin!


Remember years ago, when dry shampoo was all the rage and how it made your hair look dull and dry as if you had sprinkled powder on it? I have been testing HASK’s dry shampoo in the same range. And unlike many dry shampoos which contain aluminium starch, HASK uses a natural product, rice starch, which absorbs any oiliness. I was very surprised with the result – my hair was bouncy, voluminous and very shiny!

What I like about HASK hair products is they are 100% cruelty free and formulated without all that bad stuff – Sulphates, Phyhalates, Parabens, Gluten and Drying Alcohol – and the fragrances are natural.  

Apparently HASK is referred to as Hollywood’s favourite hair care and used by hair stylists on film & TV sets more than any other hair care brand. If my hair could look a fraction as good as the hair of on-screen actresses, then I am a convert!


By Angela Bunt

Lifestyle Writer

Angela Bunt is a lifestyle writer for The Carousel. She is also a Sydney-based interior decorator. Angela is a colour specialist and provides colour and styling workshops and full interior decorating and home styling services. Her website is



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