Notes Of Vegetable … And Six Other Spring Perfume Trends To Try 

Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

Sep 26, 2023

Looking for a signature scent to to coincide with the warmer weather? They may be somewhat unconventional, but these seven Spring perfume trends are certainly nothing to turn your nose up at.

Veggies are a vibe

Forget fruit and consider incorporating key notes from your favourite greens in your fragrance. While unconventional, this approach adds a fresh and captivating twist to traditional scents. Try vegetable-inspired fragrances that feature the earthy accents of beetroot and rhubarb or the peppery freshness of watercress and parsley. Otherwise, look for basil and cucumber fragrances which evoke vitality, or carrot and sweet potato scents offer warmth and nostalgia. These vegetable-infused perfumes showcase the limitless creativity of perfumers, and prove that when it comes to Spring perfume trends, inspiration can be found in unexpected places.

Spring Perfume Trends Vegetables

Les Jardins Français Eau Triple Caribbean Sweet Potato and Afghan Carrot, $274, by L’Officine Universelle Buly at Mecca.

An eco approach

This Spring, perfumes are good for your body and even better for the world, with more brands than ever creating fragrances with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical practices.

These perfumes prioritise sustainably sourced, natural, and often organic ingredients, while minimising synthetic chemicals. The fragrances are cruelty-free, often come in eco-friendly packaging, and promote transparency in their ingredient sourcing and production processes. Some eco perfumes also focus on reducing their carbon footprint and ensuring biodegradability.

And the good news is that with fragrance-makers more creative than ever, shopping for sustainable scents that are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and free of unwanted ingredients, no longer limits you to hippie woody options.

Spring Perfume Trends eco

Vanilla Woods Eau De Parfum, $139, by The 7 Virtues at Sephora

Non-florals for spring … revolutionary

Who needs roses and violets, when your fragrance can include notes of sage, oud, driftwood, tea, and other unconventional but achingly cool ingredients.

The good news for those who are not fans of florals is that a growing number of Spring’s hottest scents encompass a range of styles – such as woodsy, spicy aromas – to offer alluring alternatives, suitable for any occasion.

Spring Perfume Trends Non Florals

White Tea Eau Fraiche, $85, by Elizabeth Arden

Gender neutral

If you share his dessert, it’s only fair that he should be able to have dibs on your perfume. Making it easier is a number of unisex fragrances that pay homage to the trailblazers (looking at you CKOne) and reinterpret them for a modern world.

These scents are designed to be inclusive, and appealing to individuals of all genders. From fresh and clean notes reminiscent of a crisp Spring morning to more complex and intriguing blends, unisex perfumes embrace the spirit of versatility and self-expression. These fragrances celebrate the idea that scent knows no gender, allowing anyone to find their perfect springtime scent that resonates with their unique style and personality.

Spring Perfume Trends Gender Neutral

Millesime Imperial, $439, by Creed

Perfume with purpose

One of the hottest Spring perfume trends is for scents with a synergy between fragrance with function. Think: perfumes crafted to do more than just smell good; but also designed with specific benefits in mind.

So, look for scents enriched with carefully chosen notes that serve a practical purpose, such as promoting relaxation, boosting energy, or enhancing focus. Additionally, functional fragrances may incorporate natural deodorant properties, pairing odour-fighting ingredients like lemon verbena, grapefruit, and eucalyptus with captivating scents. This combination not only keeps you feeling fresh and dry but also leaves a delightful and invigorating trail in its wake.

Spring Perfume Trends Functional

Wake the F*ck Up deodorant, $15, by By Rosie Jane at Sephora

Hair mists

Why should your pulse points be the only ones invited to the perfume party? Upgrade wrists to hair mists by choosing a scent that you can spray onto your strands.

Whether you prefer a floral, woody, or fresh fragrance, this trend offers an elegant and subtle way to enhance your overall scent profile and elevate your fragrance game by to infusing your locks with captivating scents, that will linger long after you have left the room.

Spring Perfume Trends Hair Mists

The Fragrance, $89.99, by Robe Hair Care

A duper’s delight

More brands than ever are creating scents that are “Same same. But different” (With the variation being the price tag). So, don’t be afraid to experiment and invest in a dupe “inspired by” an original favourite.

These alternatives capture the essence of high-end and often costly perfumes, and offer a more affordable option without compromising on quality. Which means you can experiment with a variety of scents without breaking the bank.

Spring Perfume Trends Dupe

Midnight in Milan, $139, by Glasshouse Fragrances


By Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

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