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Exclusive Interview With Talented Illustrator Behind The Envy Edit
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Apr 13, 2016

You’ll find Instagram illustrator Angelique in her “happy place” most days somewhere between her well-loved paint brushes, watercolour paints and scattered coffee cups in her studio.

Currently working as a freelancer and illustration teacher, Angelique has set up The Envy Edit so she can draw and share the things she loves best.

And the response to her new venture has been extremely positive, with a cult following and brands eager to work with her in Australia and overseas.

She’s collaborated with Parlour X, Who What Wear Australia and her work has been featured in Renegade Collective, Marie Claire and more.

In our exclusive chat below, Angelique puts down the paint brushes to share the secrets to her success and the inspiration behind her exciting new venture.

Describe your artistic style

I love sketching and seeing instant results with my illustrations; a project that I don’t need months to complete appeals to me.

The convenience of markers and pencils allows me to whip up an artwork no matter where I am.

I would say I prefer a realistic result that has attention to detail. I love a solid outline as well.

What are your favourite colours to work with?

I can’t say I have favourites, creating and blending colours is so enjoyable. I do lean towards black and white monochrome or blues. Black and white gives that graphic edge whereas blues give so much feeling to a piece.

Exclusive Interview With Talented Illustrator Behind The Envy Edit blue
Designs by Instagram Illustrator Angelique Sloss

Tell us about The Envy Edit – who it’s for, the products you sell, and the impetus for the launch 

The Envy Edit is for anyone who appreciates art, creativity and fashion. Okay and food. It’s a daily dose of illustrations, be it fashion products or outfits, combined with food and home wares. There are prints and cards available online, however I receive many requests for personalised illustrations.

When I launched The Envy Edit, I had thought about it for a good 12-18 months prior. I had always wanted to do something but was so busy. I managed to free up a bit of time and just went for it. The engagement from followers and brands has kept me on my toes since then.

Envy edit 6
Designs by Instagram Illustrator Angelique Sloss from The Envy Edit

Tell us about some of the exciting collaborations you’ve done

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with so many different brands and for different results. I love when I’m approached with a concept, be it product sketches or an idea to illustrate something else. The T-Shirts that I did for Cotton On and the candle for Cinque Candle Co. stand out, as my illustrations turned into real product.

Exclusive Interview With Talented Illustrator Behind The Envy Edit woman
Designs by Instagram Illustrator Angelique Sloss stunning work

What has been the highlights of launching The Envy Edit?

I have to take it back to my very first project, which was Alfred Coffee. It was such an honour to illustrate for the Owner who got in touch with me via my Instagram account, all the way from L.A. I guess it was the first time I realised I had a following.

Being featured in magazines and blogs, if that wasn’t exciting enough as is, I was recognised in the street from some articles, which totally threw me by surprise.  And of course, gaining followers. It is just so lovely when people leave comments and interact with the page.

What hurdles have you experienced and how did you overcome them?

Time. There are not enough hours in the day. I juggle a few different jobs that all require my full attention. I love everything I do and all roles are still highly creative and rewarding, however I find most days I’m playing catch up. The only way I get through this hurdle is with commitment and the occasional sacrifice of my social life. 

Exclusive Interview With Talented Illustrator Behind The Envy Edit 5
Designs by Instagram Illustrator Angelique Sloss are oh so cute

What advice do you have for other artists wanting to launch a business? 

Be ready for the commitment. Be true to your style.  And pinch yourself daily that you are lucky enough to create for a living.


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