Marc & Maxwell – Sydney’s Best New Hair Salon

Sydney's Best Hair Salon
Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

Feb 25, 2021

Luxury hair haven Marc & Maxwell has recently opened in a tranquil Surry Hills location and it is changing the face of Australian hairdressing as we know it!

Think: kindness, customer-driven service, relaxation-plus and a total spa-experience with every visit – plus, parking’s a breeze!

Sydney's Best Hair Salon
The ‘tree-top’ oasis of Marc & Maxwell provides the perfect place to relax whilst you experience first class hair care.

Set up high in a tranquil tree-lined street, just moments away from the hustle and bustle of Surry Hills, Marc & Maxwell Hair Salon offers a uniquely peaceful and relaxing oasis. Here, you can pamper your soul and receive premium hair services with every visit.

The upstairs tree-house style loft is reminiscent of a dwelling one might find in Enid Blighton’s Magic Faraway Tree. As magic as the tales in the always-delightful book are, so too the warmth and exceptional styling offered by senior colourists and stylists, Marc Armstrong and Sabrina Maxwell, are as wondrous.

Covid-stressed? Never mind. The salon follows all Covid regulations, and its capacity of only four clients per visit meets all Covid-restrictions to a T, and then some. The added bones is you can expect complete one-on-one attention at all times.

Marc & Maxwell Is A Total Stress-Free-Zone!

Marc & Maxwell is the kind of place that all your stress, worry and strife instantly melt away. Simply climb the few short stairs to what has quickly become known as the ‘the loft of luxe locks and enter the relaxation zone.

The salon has, over the few short months it’s been open, become the go-to sanctuary for Sydney-siders, celebrities and those travelling from as far a few hours away for their perfect ‘do.

Stressed businesswomen and men, mothers, singles running hobby farms in the country, and even school students taking time out, journey here regularly to relax and enjoy some self-pampering and love. And of course, each and every one of them leave experiencing the gold standard in hairdressing and exceptional results. In fact, no matter what the season, these guys have the advice to keep you hair in its best condition all year round.

Sydney's Best Salon
You’ll Find The Hottest Products For Hair At Marc & Maxwell, including Oribe and R+Co.

The Ultimate Oasis, Atop A Tree!

“We found out about this little happy location on Bourke Street through a dear friend in the industry,” reveals the amiable and always-smiling Marc Armstrong, celebrated stylist  and co-founder of Marc & Maxwell.

“It was also clear through our own research when looking for a salon, that this location was exactly what we were looking for.

“We had to move fast to secure it, as the space is so incredibly special. Obviously, given the uniqueness of the loft, there would be a lot of competition for it. Once we signed on the dotted line, everything happened so fast! We were in and operating within three weeks!

“We had of course been planning the move for three months, so when it got to the final stages, we were so well prepared. So, opening was actually a breeze! Of course, the Covid pandemic did set us back a bit, but it also gave us clarity and ensured we didn’t rush into any decisions, which we believe has helped us in the long term.”

Marc and his lovely co-founder, celebrated stylist Sabrina Maxwell, enjoy a long history of working together, so their ethos on hair – and operating a business – are uniquely well aligned.

Marc 7 maxwell
The Dynamic Duo Of Sabrina Maxwell And Marc Armstrong Are Sydney’s Latest Force In Stylish, Beautiful And Creative Hair For All.

“Sabrina and I were collaborating for over 18 months before we opened. At the beginning, we both created our own vision on individual mood boards. However, we quickly realised we shared the same tastes in architecture and interior design.”

Sabrina adds: “Our vision also aligned on the general atmosphere of the salon, as well as the results we wanted for our valued clients. We both wanted warmth and a homely feeling to compliment the scenery, whilst being luxurious chic and elegant. It was also important to create a space where our clients could escape to another realm, while still being in the heart of Sydney.

“Our point of difference in this regard, plus our affinity and closeness to nature, and intention on only our client and their best interests, makes all the difference. Come for a lunchtime appointment and leave feeling as though you’ve had a week at a health retreat.”

Hair Heaven

As for the hair services on offer … expect colour on par with the best colourists across the globe, if not better. Having had my hair coloured, cut, and treated in the best salons and in the best countries in the world for this craft – I consider myself a fairly great critic. Never mind NYC, London, Paris and beyond, I can hand-on-heart say I have not known better than Marc & Maxwell.

Think: precision cutting to give you the ultimate style not just on leaving the salon, but one that is a cinch to manage at home, and strategically placed colour that highlights and complements your cut to a T. Plus you’ll receive plenty of advice on caring for your locks with the best and most ethical products available.

Sabrina says, “Both Marc and I are internationally trained stylists. We have gleaned our skills from the best hairstylists around the world. We have also been inspired by a leading Australian artist with over 34 years’ experience, so we really know what we are doing. While many stylists prefer to concentrate on either cutting or colouring, we pride ourselves on both, as ultimately a cut complements a colour, and vice versa. Being able to both cut and colour gives us the opportunity to look after a client’s look from start to finish. It allows us to understand colour and placement within a cut, that beautifully complement each other.”


Relaxation Plus

And of course, part of the relaxation process is a cheeky, top-quality glass of vino, complimentary to each and every client over the age of 18. This past summer saw the duo choose from a variety of top-notch Aussie rose wines. For the upcoming cooler months, they are busy taste testing some incredible Aussie reds, to enhance the client experience.

And if that’s not enough, the salon is located upstairs from one of Surry Hills’ best pizza cafes, “>La Panchine, who will deliver the order of your choice once you’re settled in your chair.

Great service, exceptionally stunning hair and food brought straight to your station. What better hair salon experience is there?

Interested in learning more or booking? Visit now!


By Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

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