How To Achieve The Perfect #Onfleek Brow

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Jan 23, 2022

Don’t stress if your eyebrows aren’t as genetically blessed as the Kardashians – we spoke to Benefit Australia’s National Brow Artist, Hannah Terrett, who provided us with the tips and tricks of the trade to make achieving the arched look less daunting.

Want to get the look but have no idea where to begin?

Bella Baker and Lily Benoit joined The Carousel team to go on a mission to find the perfect product for beginners:

The ‘Goof Proof Brow Pencil’ is exactly what the name suggests, and the ideal starting point for brow beginners. It has been designed to gradually deposit colour and only adhere to the hair, making it truly ‘Goof Proof’ and stress free.

Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Gel RRP $24
Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Gel

Pencil? Gel? Wax? Powder? In a world of so many options it’s easy to get confused, but we’ve got you covered on what’s what:
The Pencil: use this for a low maintenance brow look and for ease of application. Benefit has the ‘Goof Proof’ and ‘Precisely, My Brow’ pencils in a range of colours for all brow shades.

The Wax: use this to add structure and intensify the shape and look of your brow. You can find a wax product in the ‘Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit’.

The Gel: use this to add texture to your look. Available in ‘Gimme Brow’ and ‘Ready, set, brow!’ as well as the ‘Ka-brow’ cream-gel.

The Powder: use this to create definition in your brow. Benefit’s ‘Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit’ also features a powder product.

When choosing which product is best for you: ‘customise your brows to suit your personality and lifestyle’.


Everyone wants the beautiful brows so here are three simple and easy steps to achieving this, for all brow types:

  1. Leave your brows to the professionals! Hannah says to avoid tweezing and trimming your brows by yourself at all costs and make use of the experts. If you do choose to tweeze your own brows, make sure to avoid the ‘no go zone’ (above your natural line) like your life depends on it.
  1. Invest in an eyebrow tint. An eyebrow tint is a super easy way to make your brows look like they have more hair and in turn, appear thicker and fuller, and who doesn’t want that?
  1. Buy one to two brow products to start creating your desired look – try to find options that have long wear power and are easy to use. The Goof Proof Brow Pencil has a 12 hour waterproof formula which retails at $42 and comes highly recommended.
Benefit Eyebrow Pencil
Benefit Eyebrow Pencil

Tips To Go From Day Time To Play Time By Changing Up Your Brows

 Benefit Australia’s National Brow Artist Hannah Terrett recommended for your day time look, stick to your pencils and powders for a simple, light look. She added: “To step this up when transitioning to ‘play time’ invest in a cream to wax formula which will allow for more colour, structure and an overall bolder brow look.”

And there you have it: tips to achieving the perfect brow from Benefit’s Pink Palace in Sydney.

The Carousel would like to thank Bella Baker for her article.


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