How Bacteria From Fermented Rice Water Can Improve Your Complexion

Muse by Gaia Fermented Skin Care
Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Editor

May 21, 2024

Move aside Korean skin care (or at least give another country renowned for its innovation in beauty, its time in the spotlight!) Driven by the growing popularity of J Beauty – aka all things inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun – global interest in fermented skin care continues to gain momentum. Here’s everything you need to know about this Japanese beauty trend. By an Aussie entrepreneur who has clear complexions her business!

What does fermented skin care really mean?

Crystal Vokac, the founder of Muse By Gaia, defines fermented skin care as more ‘alive’ compared to conventional types of skin care. And, more biocompatible with our skin. She highlights how fermented and prebiotic-containing skin care feeds our skin’s microbiome. Emphasising the importance of our skin’s microbiome to its health and appearance. According to Crystal, “Compared to conventional types of skin care, this type of skin care is more ‘alive. It works by feeding and nourishing our skin microbiome with prebiotics and postbiotics. To correct an uneven balance of bad bacteria that can lead to an inflamed skin barrier. It also helps to encourage the skin to heal. Fermenting certain ingredients breaks down molecules making them much smaller and more bioavailable for our skin to absorb. That’s how it differs to traditional skin care. Which usually solely rely on silicones, texture enhancers and mostly synthetic ingredients to temporarily boost the appearance of the skin.  

The best fermented skin care ingredients (that won’t leave your face smelling like kimchi!)

According to Crystal, fermented skin care isn’t simple about slathering your face with the remnants of last week’s cabbage experiment. Instead, it’s is all about using ingredients like mushrooms, peaches, and even rice water to improve the appearance of your skin.

“My favourite fermented ingredient for skin care is still rice. Fermenting rice yields peptides, antioxidants and amino acids. Which are incredible for our skin (and our hair!), helping soothe, even out the skin tone and helps to firm the skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.”

Fermented Skin Care Muse By Gaia
Muse By Gaia’s The Potion is part of a growing trend of products that take their cues from J Beauty and harness the power of fermented ingredients (including rice water) to support skin’s natural microbiome

The benefits of fermented skin care

Crystal explains that fermented skin care works by feeding and nourishing our microbiome with prebiotics and postbiotics. To correct an uneven balance of bad bacteria that can lead to an inflamed skin barrier. She highlights the gentleness of fermented products on the skin’s barrier compared to traditional skin care, describing it as “like a big nurturing hug for the skin.”

Crystal suggests that fermented skin care products are good for most skin concerns, particularly beneficial for those suffering from rosacea and acne due to their anti-inflammatory properties. And, recommends integrating these skin care products into daily routines by finding a favourite daily product.

“There are tonnes of beautiful products on shelves these days. Making it easier than ever to incorporate into your routine. The easiest way is to find your favourite type of daily product. Such as a facial serum, that contains ferments and go from there. You don’t need to change your whole routine to get ferment benefits!”


By Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Editor

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